Trapped Together

Ami helped Chris to sit up , but he winced when she touched his back. She tried to look, but he went red, and pushed her hands away. She stared at him hard. She got a grape out of the bag, put it on the floor, and pointed to it. It exploded. Chris giggled. Ami smiled, and reached to look at his back. This time Chris let her, and she saw he was bleeding badly. She wiped away the blood, and healed it for him. They both stood, and started walking around.

Ami tripped, and Chris caught her. He blushed, because he had taken her hands in his. They sat down, side by side. Ami looked at Chris. Chris looked at her. A tear slide down Ami's cheek. Chris raised his hand hesitantly, and brushed the tear away, leaving his and on her face. He dropped his hand, and looked at the wall oppisite. Ami laid down next to him. He looked at her, in her now pinky, reddish dress, turned from white by the clay and mud. He took his jacket, and lay in over her arms. Ami looked up, into his eyes. She shuffled, until her head lay on his lap, and she closed her eyes. Chris was shocked, but he smiled, and lay his hand on her hair, and stroked it. He exhaled hugely. 'Me and my stupid heart,' he thought, ' Why would the princess ever love a servant boy?'

The End

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