The History Lesson

Everyone chattered, apart from the four servant boys. Ami took Chris by the hand and started to swing him about a bit, trying to get him to dance. he just stood, and when Ami let go of his hands, they flopped like a ragdolls. A tall man entered the room, wearing a blue shirt and black trousers. "Morning, girls and guys!" he said cheerfully. The boy and two girls wooted. Ami looked sideways at them. The boy pointed at the teachers hands. he hand shovels, gloves and trowels.

"We're doing archeology today!" said the teacher. He looked at the boys in their suits, and at their roses. "Ah-ha! So your the boys that our princess has taken a fancy to! Well, you better take off your jackets, its hot digging!" I saw Craig sigh as he took off his jacket, and unbutton his top two. All apart from Chris left his rose on the jacket, who put his on his shirt. We went out to a small patch of soft ground. "The first one to find an artifact thats rare or worth something wins...wins..uh..."

"They win to come see the joust with me tomorrow."  Ami said softly. Everyone set to work immediatly. within an hour, there was a large pit, and nothing had been found. Until... "I found something!" Chris shouted from the bottom of the pit. Everyone had taken a break, apart from Chris.

"What is it?" The teacher shouted back. Ami saw Chris rub something. "It's a necklace! A pearl necklace!" Everyone murmured. "Well done! You get the prize! Come on up!" Ami heard Chis scrabbling against the dirt. And again. Then, rumble! the pit caved in and Chris was buried neck deep in it. The slide started again. This time, Ami dived into the dirt, and quickly found herself almost buried in it. Her arm pushed around, until she found warmth.

She pushed down deeper, and she saw Chris in a hollow, unconsios. "Chris!!" Ami breathed. She picked up his head, and found his head was on a rucksack. It was full of food, his rose, and the ribbon. Ami stroked his hand, and saw his face was bleeding. She healed it quickly, but felt quiet drained after that. She lay beside Chris. She began to weep. Then, Chris's hand closed around hers. "Ami?" he whispered weakly. Ami's heart quickened. She held Chris, making sure he was fine.  He pulled himself up slightly.  "We're  trapped." he whispered


The End

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