Dancing in the Orchard

The next morning, Ami had to go to school. She went down to the kitchens bright and early, and made eight slices of toast, four glasses of water, and she picked four white roses from the garden, and placed them all on a tray. Ami quickly got changed into a white knee length dress, and knocked on the boys' bedroom door. "Hello?" said a muffled voice.Ami opened the door to see Chris sat on the mat making a tower of card with Callum and Steve, and Craig was topless. Ami blushed slightly. She could see that Craig was quite muscular.

In shock, Chris knocked over his card tower, and Craig quickly pulled on a white shirt, and buttoned it, apart from the top two buttons. Ami entered the room, and set the tray down on a small table. "Good morning, I hope you slept well?" she said softly, as she handed each boy a plate, a glass, and a white rose each. Each looked shocked that I had brought them breakfast.

Ami turned and walked over to the window, and pulled open the curtains and window. A gentle warm breeze came in, and a blue bird landed on the edge of the window. Chris sighed, and Steve whispered something to Callum. Ami turned as she saw Callum collapse on the floor with laughter. Ami walked swiftly over, and held out her hand to him. He took it, and Ami pulled him to his feet.

Ami left the room, and ran into the orchard. Ami danced around. Her hair cloaked her as she stopped twirling. Ami looked up. She could see Chris watching her. She went back inside, and went back to the boys' room. Each of them were now supporting a white rose next to their heart. Craig now had all his buttons done up, and all the boys were formal.

Ami shook her head, and beckoned to them. Ami ran through the orchard again, and went into the little room where she was schooled. The boys came behind her. In the room were three girls and one boy. They waved to Ami. Rimu was among the girls. "Hey Ami. Did you hear? We got a new Arts teacher!" the boy said. I smiled.

The End

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