After the Party

Ami was asked to dance many times by many different people. When it was two minutes to midnight, Ami's favorite song started to play. Many people asked her to dance with them to this, but she refused. Then, the servant Chris asked her to dance. She accepted, since all the nobles had laughed at this request. Most servants never learn to dance, so Ami would whisper in his ear how to every so often. Once the dance had finished, Chris bowed, and went back to the others.

At midnight, everyone left. Lots of the girls who had come had eyed Craig and Chris up many times in the evening, and some as they left were blowing them kisses. The boys weren't interested. Ami wrote a note to her tutor and dance master to educate the four boys. Rimu came  up to her. She took Ami's hands and they danced around the near empty hall. Ami felt the gray satin ribbon from her hair come loose, but she didn't care. Rimu and Ami went skipping to bed.

Rimu went to sleep right away, but Ami couldn't. She went to her door, then opened it a fraction. She heard someone say, "You will be staying here.", and saw they boys go into the room opposite mine. They left the door ajar, and Ami could see Chris sat next to the door looking at something in his hands. Ami's ribbon.

She opened her window, and jumped out. She just stood in the air. She flew round the other side, and peered into the boy's room. Callum was asleep, Steve was trying to get Callum to stop snoring, Craig was reading, and Chris was sat at the door. Craig said, "...Chris, will you just go to bed?! You've been staring at  that ribbon for ages!"

Chris sighed and nodded. He laid on a mat and tied the ribbon onto his jacket. Ami opened the window slightly. Craig looked over, and gasped. Ami swooped over and put a hand on his mouth. She put her feet on the floor, and sat on the mat next to him. Ami pressed a finger to her lips. He nodded. she let go of him, and went over to Chris. She used a pen to write her  name on the ribbon. Ami flew out of the window, and went to bed.

The End

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