The Four Servants.

Ami looked at the servants. They looked at her. A tear slid down her cheek. "Ami, what's wrong?" Rimu asked her softly. Ami told her what had just happened. She looked outraged. A prince asked Rimu to dance. She left to dance. The four servants sat down in the chairs either side of her.

The shortest one handed her a box. Inside was a little silver fairy. Another, slightly taller that the one before, handed her a golden dragon with ruby eyes. The tallest, gave her a phoenix, made of yellow topaz. The last one, sitting to Ami's left, handed her a small amethyst heart. She looked at the gifts.

Ami stood, holding the gifts in her arms. "Follow me." She told the four. They followed her to the corner of the gardens. "Can you take your masks off for me?" she asked them. They did as told.

The one who had given her the fairy had dark brown short hair and sweet blue eyes. When he smiled, he had little dimples. "I'm Steven, you can call me Steve." he told her.

The one next to him,  who had given her the dragon had reddish
 brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes. He had mischief  written all over his freckled face. "I'm Callum, and I'm crazy!" he laughed. The tall one elbowed him.

The tallest, who had given her the phoenix, had darkish brown hair and soft brown eyes. He was the 'tall, dark and handsome' of the group. "I'm Craig." he said with an air of a gentlemen.

The last, who had given Ami the heart, hadn't taken his eyes off her. He had white blond curly hair and green eyes, only a shade darker that Rimu's. "I'm Chris... Christopher." he said hesitantly, maybe wondering if he should be formal or not. Ami smiled at them all. "Enjoy the party." she told them, and she ran back inside.

The End

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