The Ball...and stressing Princes

It was almost six o' clock, and Rimu was helping Ami put on her new dress ready for the ball. Rimu left the room. Ami pulled on her tights, shoes, and put on her necklace and earrings. She checked herself in the mirror. She sighed to herself as Rimu came back in, holding an armful of makeup, and a pretty tiara. Rimu put mascara, eye-liner, red lipstick, and white blusher on Ami. She then brushed Ami's hair until it was silk smooth. Ami placed the tiara on her head. It was silver with pink crystals set into it. Rimu stood back. Ami looked in the mirror again, and breathed, "Rimu, you're a genius."

Rimu giggled. Ami went over to her wardrobe, and pulled out a red and gold ball gown. Rimu rolled her eyes, and put the dress on. Ami brushed her hair, and tied it up in a knot on her her head. Rimu put her own makeup on, and Ami slipped a gold and ruby tiara on Rimu's head. "Let's go." they  whispered together.

They made their way down to the grand hall. It was decorated beautifully, and a stage was on the right side of the hall. A man announced  Ami and Rimu's arrival loudly as they walked down the steps. Most people's head turned to look at them. Ami climbed up the steps, and sat down on the small throne next to her father, and Rimu sat next to her.

Some of the prince's fathers came hurrying up to talk to her. Ami stood, and left to go and sit near the stage. Some of the princes that she knew came bustling up to her, handing her a gift, blushing slightly, then going away. Ami had patience with all of the princes, smiling at them when they looked at her, thanking them when they gave her a gift, and so on.

Most of the presents were necklaces, or gems of extreme value, which most of she didn't care for. Some presents were just silly, like a ball of gold, or chunk of diamond, or even one prince brought a horse into the hall, complete with diamond studded reins. Ami told one of the servants to put the presents in her room, apart from the horse, who was stripped of its reins and saddle and put in the stable.

Ami saw that her piano and cello were on the stage, so she pulled Rimu up with her, and they played a few songs, before curtsying and going off stage. She sat back down by the stage, and only one prince and his four servants came to her. The prince wished Ami a happy birthday, then left, leaving his servants behind. She  looked at them. They were all wearing black suits, and a black mask. Ami wondered to herself for a moment, then realized. That prince had given Ami servants for her birthday!

The End

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