Presents From Parents

"Those three were from me, and the others are from your parents." Rimu said sweetly. She pushed the remaining three presents towards Ami. She opened the largest of the three, and caught her breath. She pulled out a beautiful ball gown. The skirt was gray with an under layer of pink which was just visible at the front, and the top half was a pearl pink vest top.Also in the box was a pair of gray tights. Ami folded the dress back neatly in the box, and went to the second box. Inside that was a pair of gray crystal high heels, and in the third was a pair of tiny pink pearl earrings and a necklace of the same size pearls as the earrings.

Ami shook her head. Her parents always out did themselves at her birthday, and this year, she was glad they did. This year, her mother and father would host a ball, and invite as many young dukes and princes as they could, to try and find Ami a boyfriend. Every invite was answered immediatly, not because of just going to the party, but trying to win the princess's heart.

Everyone knew about Princess Ami. They knew about her supposed astounding beauty. Ami herself thought she was just average. She had soft, kind blue eyes, waist length light brown hair, skin as white as the moon, rose red lips, and a heart of gold.

The End

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