Birthday Excitement

The King and Queen watched happily as their daughter twirled around the orchard of falling cherry blossoms in her gray and pearl pink ballet dress. She was thirteen today, and a dance would be held in celebration. She came running and leaping through the large glass door. The King took her hand and twirled her around until she fell into his arms and he picked her up laughing that kind booming laugh of his. He put her down. "Happy Birthday, Ami." He said softly.

She hugged him, and ran up the spiraling stair case to her bedroom on the top floor. She flung open her door and froze. Her room was hung with pink streamers, and silver balloons scattered the floor. on her bed, were six boxes and a tiny cake. Next to the window, her servant girl and best friend, Rimu was smiling back at her. Rimu has pale green eyes, flaming red hair and her skin as white as snow. They hugged each other laughing. No one knew they were best friends, and no one knew their secret.

Both the girls could do magic. It could be as simple as making a bird sing outside your window, or as complicated as decorating a room for a party. The girls sat on the bed together and ate the tiny cake. Then Ami turned her attention to the presents.

Rimu passed her two of them. she unwrapped them both, to reveal a book of piano music, and a book of cello music. Ami stroked the glossy covers, then put them on her bedside table. she then unwrapped the largest of the lot, showing a white box. Ami opened it, and let out a squeal of excitement. A beautiful cherry wood cello lay in the box. She hugged Rimu tightly.

The End

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