Unbac and Unwec walked listlessly through the forest. Their day long hunt had been wasted, with not a single animal to take back to their village. It would take another half day to walk home, empty handed. It wasn't just that they would go hungry, it was the humiliation of returning after two days, with nothing to show for it.  Unbec found a berry bush laden with ripe fruit. He began shovelling handfuls of it into his mouth. Unwec tried to pull his brother away from the bush, but was shrugged off.

"Those berries could be poisonous."

If they are, at least I'll die with a full stomach. I'm starving.”

He decided that he wasn't going to go home with no meat, and no brother either, so he began to eat the fruit, too.

Just then they heard the scream of an animal in pain. They looked in that direction, and they could see two men at a short distance through the trees, kneeling over a dead animal.

They've got fresh meat,” Unwec whispered, as he crouched behind the bush.

It could be our fresh meat, if we were quick, and sneaked up on them,” Unbec whispered back.

His brother grinned and nodded. Without discussion, or any real plan, they ran from bush to tree, to bush, until they were right behind the two successful hunters. They were looking toward the sound of footsteps when Unbec went around and entered the clearing facing them.

Moor and Fou stared at the heavily bearded, scantily clad visitor in shock. The hunters could not understand the guttural sounds he emitted.

The marauder did not answer, he just ran forward and clubbed Moor over the head. Fou barely had time to yell, before he was set upon from behind, by Unwec. The two victims lay motionless on the ground, not daring to show signs of life, although they were both more or less conscious. This was a brand new situation, and they didn't quite know what to do about it.

Neither one of the attackers bothered to check, they just wanted the meat. They hadn't set out to kill anyone. They ran to the boar, picked it up, and started off through the forest at a brisk walk, with their ill-gotten gain between them.

The End

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