Chapter One: ChangeMature

I heard a knock at my door. I thought it was Beth coming over or something, but it was too early for her to be up. Then, I heard Zack soming down the stairs in the kitchen. I walked a little faster just to catch up with him, but he was already there. He glanced out the peep hole and then turned to me.

"Paige," my brother called for me. I walked over to him and he hugged me. His face was marred with sadness for some reason. I didn't know why. "I want you to leave here paige. I want you to go up to my room and then to my closet. Get this bag I have laying on thefloor in the very back corner." Someone knocked at the door again. "Grab that bag and then all the things you think you might need. Money, credit cards, anything essential. Don't grab any clothes. Then, go out through your window. Okay?"

"Wait, why?" I asked as Zack pushed me away, but I shoved back. "Tell me!" I said.

He reached out and put one hand over my mouth and then one on my arm. His grip was tight and I thought I might have a bruise, but that didn't matter.

"There is no waiting. This is reality. There are men out there right now Paige. They want to kill me. There are reasons why I didn't tell you and reasons why I can't tell you now, time being one of them." he said sternly.

"If you don't leave now and do as I say, then I will die." He glared into my eyes and I felt a single tear fall from my eyes as I pulled away. I stumbled back a couple paces away. "Paige," he said hugging me once more. "You have to leave. Find Kert and Beth and run. Run away and in exactly 3 months, come back here. Will you do that for me?" I breathed in the smell that had lingered on his skin forever.

I nodded firmly knowing that Zack would never have left me if it wern't for a good reason. "All right..." I said. I had always been a strong person. I didn't cry when I found out I was a freak, and I didn't cry because I was always excluded, or even when I found out my father was dead. Loosing one family member was devistating though, but 2? That's just too much.

I gave my brother one final glance before I left and he smiled. I flew up the stairs and ran into his room. I searched his closet and soon enough, I found the bag he was talking about. I grabbed that and ran into my room and collected all the money I had and then dashed out the window. I stood on the edge of the house as I wished that I had a room in the front. I wanted to see who had been knocking at my door.

Without thinking of another thought, I spred my wings and jumped. I flapped them strongly and proudly as I shifted my weight to balance out the weight of the bag.

I grabbed my phone from my pocket and I dialed Beth's number. There was a couple of rings and then, she picked up. "Paige! Are you okay?" she asked in a scared way.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be." I asked. Did they know what Zack was doing?

"Come to the tallest building in the city. Kert and I are here already. Hurry." she said and hung up.

I didn't even want to know how and when they found out about all of this, but I just obeyed instructions.

I flew for about 10 minutes and landed by Beth. She ran to me with watery eyes and a sad look on her face.

"What's happening?" I said, looking from Kert to Beth, hoping for answers.

There was a long pause before Beth gave Kert a glance and nodded. "Paige," he simply said. "You brother is dead." he said.

All hell broke loose after those few words came out. My eyes grew big and my lungs filled with air, but it never escaped my body. It just stayed there for what seemed like hours.

My emotions took over me as I ignored everything being shouted at me as I jumped off the tall building and flew in the direction I called home. I could feel my friends nearing in, especially Beth, but my wings could allow them to come so close. I folded my wings and began to drop rapidy. I was going at at least 140 miles per hour as I neared the ground, but before I touched down in the green lawn, I flapped my wings a few times to soften my landing.

My feet touched the ground as I fell on the grass that coushined my fall. I felt a tingle in my knee and knew I cut it, but I just got up and ran to the door. I screamed as I kicked the door down, only to see people in black holding guns at my brother.

Everything happened in a blur and in an instant, I was falling yet again.

I fell and I fell as if everything was in slow motion. I closed my eyes just waiting for my stiff body to hit the ground, but it never did.

Strong arms suddenly caught me and I felt the air rush into my face and knew we were in the air.

I sighed one last time before everything went black, and while I was breathing in, I caught a whiff of that familiar smell. The one I loved the most, but the last thought that came to me was, What the hell just happened?!

The End

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