Birds of a FlockMature

When people with wings begin to emerge, people get curious.

I felt my adrenaline coursing through my veins as I ran through the forest. I could smell the fresh dew that still lingered on the leaves of the old pines that lived here. I dashed the last couple meters into the clearing and jumped.

No, there wasn't a hard surface for me to land on, and it wasn't a bottomless pit that I had just fallen into. I was cliff diving. A common sport for people that crave action, but it's also a lift off station for us human-birds.

I expanded my wings that were exactly 11 feet in length. I felt my body jerk as my own personal parachute extended as I rose up far beyond anyones reach. It was like every persons dream to fly, but the difference was that I was living it. Me and my 3 friends that is.

I heard the distant flapping of wings behind me as I knew my friends and brother were following. We flew above the clouds and right into the sun. With the clouds coming at us at 80 miles an hour and the sun beating down us, what's not to love?

Soon, we all stoped and just started drifting off. "So," Kert began, "Whatcha guys want to do today?" he glanced at me and then to my brother, Zack.

"I dunno," I said simply. "Do you guys wanna just stay here?" I asked.

"I have homework!" a shrill voice called to us. It was Elizabeth. Aka, Beth.

"You always have homework, and yet you still cant make all A's" Kert commented rudely.

I rolled my eyes at him and just smiled at Beth, "If you wanna go do homework, then we can come over to my house. Kert and Zack and do their regular guy stuff over there too," I said as everyone gave a nod in agreenment.

Here's the one flaw in being 'special'. You get to live on your own at government expenses. The government found out about us and since we had no gaurdian, and didn't want one, they gave us a place to live. It wasn't big, but it was do-able.

A little background info on us would be that we were all created from strands of human DNA, or we were from a human embryo doner. Either way, we didn't have a mother. Zack and I were the only ones of the 4 of us that shared a mom, which was proven after many years of researching for the right doctor to test our DNA.

Zack and I both had brown hair with random blond streaks, though his were fading, but that wasn't the factor that determinded our likeness. The fact that we both had pure green eyes gave us a huge hint that we were somehow related concidering the fact that not a lot of people had green eyes.

When I say green, I don't mean its blue and then some added yellow to make it look green, or if you put make-up on it absorbs that green color. No, I mean legit green eyes, hands down.

Beth had dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Typical. She was smart and has a beauty mark which definantly proved her beauty. Kert on the other hand was asian. With his dark black hair (now turning lighter. I guess due to the exposure to a lot of sun) and his light brown eyes, there was no mistaking it.

We all flew back to my house and got settled in. The boys decided to play COD in the living room while me and Beth went into my room and did Biology homework.

We went to school just like everyone else, but it was hard to conciel our wings, but we managed. We all wore jackets over our shirts so it wouldn't be too noticable, but in the summer, we just didn't go to school at all. Concider it early release.

With Zack and my wings being brown with some black and white wide feathers and Beths being completely brown and narrower and Kerts bulky black, we all had different traits that came with it. Zack and I were strong steady flyers, while Beth was fast. Kerts wings were long too so that made him slow, but he could do many tricks in the air. He had more control when there were winds.

Everyday was basically the same thing. We went to the same place, we saw the same people. Everything was normal. Bleak in a way too, until a knock came at the door that one Sunday evening. The knock that had changed our lives... forever.

The End

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