Maniac A. Nonymous



For Brittney and Abraham.

I hope you guys fly free from the birdcage of life







       Will you enter my cage, my prison cell, the place which keeps me from flying? Will you talk to me, ask me what it's like, to live in the Birdcage? I would tell you that I won't ever escape, for I had my chance, but gave it to another, whom I loved dearly. Now I am stuck here, never to see him again, my precious blackbird. I hope he's escaped to a land far from here, where no one will ever cage him again.


            You may be confused as to what I'm talking about. My story begins in the heat of the summer of my fourteenth birthday. When one turns fourteen, they are expected to stop playing, to stop being innocent, to start thinking about their future and not of how many dandelions grow along the side of the road. My parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raven, were particularly strict in this rule. You see, when you turn fourteen, you give up your entire childhood. You give up who you are, who you wish to be, and start having to be who others want you to be. You must listen to whoever tells you what to do, especially if they're older. I wish I could have been like him, my blackbird, earlier on.


            You see, he didn't let this happen to him. My blackbird was much more free than I, and couldn't stand living in my cage. I shall tell you everything that happened, from the time I entered the Birdcage with him to the time he flew free.


            So I ask again, will you enter my Birdcage, my prison cell, the place which keeps my wings broken? Will you listen to what it's like to live in such a dark and gloomy place?


            Will you enter?

The End

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