Shit, she thought, why did I sit here? She had sat directly opposite the tramp who couldn’t tie his shoelaces, luckily, he didn’t smell of piss. She blamed the alcohol in her system for the seat choice, and deliberated as to whether it was too late to move. It was she decided. She kept her head down, partly as this was the best way to stop her from feeling sick, and partly because she didn’t want to make eye contact with the man opposite. He was probably checking her out. The thought made her skin crawl, and a noticeable shiver raced through her body. At least it wasn’t too far to her flat, just a few stops. She liked her flat, nice big TV, leather sofa, and a gorgeous double bed that had taken quite the persuasive chat with her Daddy. All the things a girl like her needed. What she didn’t need was to be sat on this train, with some weird pervert tramp staring at her. She thought of her boyfriend to take her mind off it. He wasn’t perfect but she liked him. A bit of a ‘bad boy’ her friends had said. He only hit her once, and he didn’t mean to, just got a bit out of control, it was her fault, and she should have seen that he was too drunk. He wouldn’t do it again. Great shag though, she couldn’t deny him that. The train had stopped and people had exited and entered the train, she hadn’t paid much attention to any of them. As the train began to slow she realised that it was her stop next, she lifted herself to her feet with the help of the yellow bar to her right, and stood waiting for the door to open, as they did, she noticed to her horror that the tramp was also on his way to the door. Fuck.

The End

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