It was broken, but she was determined to fix it. WIth its twigs and feathers so carefully placed, to keep shelter for the ones who died within its realms before they had a chance to take their first breath. The girl’s tears sinking through it then falling to the ground where it once had laid. Why? She asked herself. Why was the world so cruel to let the sanctuary in her hands fall? To take the lives of innocent ones who meant no harm to the rest of us. She saw her hands shake, not being able to process the loss of the ones no more questioned than herself. The girl took off her pink scarf and wrapped the fallen nest inside of it. If something so pure could be taken from the Earth before even arriving why was the girl still breathing that had so many noticeable imperfections. With her crooked teeth, her shaky hands, her not-so skinny legs.. she wasn’t innocent yet she was allowed to stay. The girl didn't understand, and she never would.

The End

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