Bipolar or Just Crazy? {11-15}

In the story the characters display a major change. Miranda and her brother are scheduled to be homeschooled by their mother but she's too busy snapping at them and taking naps. Miranda gets treated like a dog for eating chocolate chips. Along with Matt being in a more negative and structured attitude, Miranda can't find a positive in life.

One theme in the novel that has became evident is “Sometimes changes can be non beneficial but the experience sticks with your for life”. This theme came to mind thinking of the changes that have occurred. The characters physical and mental state have disimproved and have had a negative impact. Starting with depression, anger, fear, and stress being evident. “I told myself i should join them, i should go out to gather more kindling, but the truth is even the woods scare me these days”. This shows a sudden new developed fear that is upon Miranda due to the conditions.

In the novel the characters’ psychological well being is being severely challenged. It is getting to a state of critical condition. The mom over reacts and gets angry constantly about little things and Miranda usually has to put up with it. “You’re going to skip your next four meals” Miranda’s mother said, while her daughter is already losing unneeded weight and becoming psychologically unstable. The mother isn't becoming beneficial to her daughter's well being by having her skip meals to punish her and having outrages consistently.

The social and economic conditions have caused different moods and actions among all of the characters. They have become short tempered and their patience as decreased. They have also become very unsocial due to a majority of their friends and associates moving. The mother has lost interest in homeschooling Johnny and Miranda like planned and she has snapped at Miranda multiple times. So it is evident that not only the lack of communication with friends and acquaintance and the lack of resources has taken a toll on the characters.

The End

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