Seven figures walked along the road.  It was a paved road, but not a highway, as it bore no lines upon it's surface.  They had read about highways on the computers (before they quit working years ago) and so they knew what they were supposed to look like.

They did not speak as they walked, for each was lost in their own thoughts.  The only sound was the wind rustling the leaves of the trees that grew close on either side of the road.  It was a sound that they had never heard before today.

One of those seven walked slightly ahead of the others.  It suited his name, for he was called "Purpose".  He had no family name since like the others, he had no family.  When they had awoken that morning, they had noticed that the door was open.  In thirteen years they had never seen that door in any position that was not closed and so they were afraid.  It was he who had first stepped through that open door, and so he had become their leader.

They had existed inside 12 rooms their whole life.  In the early years they had been attended to, but none of them had clear recollections of other people besides themselves, and they all remembered the others wearing some kind of white suit with a helmet and breathing apparatus.

Purpose had found the first skeleton.  It was on the ground next to a desk in the first room they had encountered.  There was a big hole in the back of the skull.  It was hollowed out completely, so only scraps of clothing remained with the bones.  None of them touched it as they passed through that room. 

As they walked along the road, the one named "Hope" finally broke the silence.  "How long do you think our rations will last?"

The one named "Faith" answered: "It depends how much we eat, but if he have two meals a day we will last for six weeks.  Hopefully by then we will find alternate food sources.  Water we will have to find sooner."

They had found the their current clothes in lockers in a great hangar filled with green trucks, jeeps, and many skeletons.  There had been large backsacks along with clothes of all sizes (also green) and sleeping bags, shoes, helmets (which they did not take), canteens, knives, and all sorts of other devices they did not understand.  

Purpose noticed the other male member of their group lengthen his stride to catch up with him.  Peace was taller than Purpose but much more slight in build.  His sandy blonde hair was ruffling with the wind as they went along.  "Quite a day we are having, eh Peace?"  It wasn't really a question.

Peace smiled as he spoke. "We knew that one day the door would open, it had been one of the first instructions we had been made to understand."

"Yes, though knowing it would happen hasn't dampened the excitement for me any.  I am excited to see what is down this road."

"I only wonder how much walking we will need to do in order to find that out?"

"Complaining already?" Desire quipped from behind them.  

"No not yet, but I know that we are unused to this and we will be sore at the end of today."

"C'mon Peace, enjoy the moment."  Purpose was not going to let him spoil their freedom at last with his worries.  They had had a mission assigned to them years ago and now they were to carry out that mission.

Chance and Faith came up and hooked their arms in each of Peace's arms.  they both grinned up at him and said "Yeah, Peace"  Purpose had to smile at how he blushed.

Serenity came up and hooked her arm in with that of Purpose.  She didn't say much with words, but she still managed to say a lot with her silence.  

The seven of them were all grinning ear to ear as they walked down the road; out of doors for the first time in their lives.  Purpose, Peace, Serenity, Faith, Hope, Desire and Chance knew they had to stick together, for they knew they were the last people alive on the planet.


The End

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