Too Many QuestionsMature

The Advocacy Agent seemed to hesitate.

"Are you alright Mr. Clayton? " he asked with a confused look on his face.

"Yes of course… just a little hung over. What can I do for you sir? " Jervis replied. The agent didn’t seem like he was too worried about any attempts of resisting.

"We have some questions for you regarding your father’s business activities. Would you mind coming down to the station with us? " The feeling of relief visibly overtook Jervis. Overcome with the sudden spike of joy, he didn't even think about his reply.

"Of course!"

The local police station had a stuffy, noisy atmosphere. Once inside the interrogation room, however, it was dead silent.

"So Jarvis, may I call you Jarvis?" The agent asked, leaning in over the table between them.

"No, it's actually JERvis, not Jarvis. What can I call you?"

"My name is Agent Haas. You can call me 'Agent' for short." Agent Haas was a big man, around 6'2" with a strong, athletic build. He was the kind of guy you didn't want to get into a fight with, or want to have to outrun.

"Alright Agent, what can I do for you today?" In the time it took to reach the station, Jervis realized he really didn't want to be in the clutches of law enforcement directly after committing a crime. As Agent Haas pulled a folder out from a small briefcase, Jervis remembered he still needed to wipe the security camera footage.

"Take a look at this" Agent Haas said as he slid the folder across the table. "It's our preliminary report on the criminal activities of CMIC. It has everything from unfair business practices and intellectual property theft, to bribery, smuggling, and even slavery." He paused to allow his words to sink in.

"So why are you showing me all of this? What’s stopping me from going to my father and giving the company a heads up?" Jervis asked as he slowly read the report. The beginning outlined how CMIC hired pirate groups to perform raids on fringe worlds.

"Well, we were hoping you would help us. We have enough evidence to dismantle the corporation right now, but we want to know who the main driver behind all of this is. We understand your relationship with your father isn't the greatest, and with a little more evidence, we might be able to prove he was behind most of these activities." Agent Haas explained. The pirates were instructed to attempt to take as many slaves as possible, in order to sell them to CMIC work camps.

"So you want me to help you take down my father, completely destroying our relationship, while helping to destroy the company that forms up the bulk of my inheritance?" CMIC would stage a 'rescue' for the slaves, and then offer employment to any of them.

"Well... yes. Listen, we've done our research. Alec is more likely to take the company than you, your father and you already aren't on great terms, and you'd be helping us stop some really horrible crimes in the process. We also know you're licensed to fly fighter-class ships. We're authorized to help expedite your bounty hunter license. I've even arranged to provide you a 325a, should the evidence you provide lead to a conviction." Those who accepted the employment offer, were never paid their below-minimum wage paychecks. The ones who refused were lucky enough to be led to an airlock and quietly flushed. The details were getting more gruesome as he read.

"How accurate is this report?" They were only given enough food and water to survive an average of six weeks of the hard industrial labor before they perished.

"We've confirmed everything on that report. Like I said before, the only things we can't confirm is the person running it all."

"So why do you think my dad did this?  He's a cold bastard, but outright murder and slavery?" The worst part of what he was feeling was that in the back of his mind, he actually could imagine his father ordering every single one of the things listed in the reports.

"A lot of worse things have been done in the name of profits. Spencer Clayton is the CEO of the company, we've been following him and his family for some time."

"So you've been following me?" Jervis interrupted, suddenly concerned about how much they might find out about his own activities.

"Of course we have, how did you think we knew you were at the bank?" Jervis nodded, and made a mental note of it to himself as Agent Haas continued. "Through the course of the investigation, our suspicions have been peaked by a few of the audio files we managed to record."

"Audio files?"

"Yes, would you like to hear one?" Agent Haas slowly stood up even before Jervis responded. He moved across the room and retrieved a small audio player. As he set it on the desk, the door suddenly shot open.

"Good afternoon Agent Haas, I'm Jack Perry, Mr. Clayton's lawyer. This interview is over until I review the pending charges." Mr. Perry had on a business suit better than Jervis', with slicked back hair, and talked just a little too quickly. Jervis suddenly remembered the security footage that he still needed to erase.

"Great" Agent Haas let out in exasperation. "Well Mr. Perry, there are no charges currently pending against this man, and he is here on his own will." Agent Haas stood fully upright, sizing the smaller lawyer up. Perry turned to Jervis.

"Mr. Clayton, in continuing to engage in this interview, you may inadvertently confess to a crime you did not do. I must insist that we leave, now." Jervis looked at the audio player, eager to hear what it contained, but all of the talk of charges and convictions reminded him that he still had to clean up his mess from earlier.

"I'm sorry Agent, but he's right. I really should be leaving." The look of disappointment on Agent Haas' face stuck in his mind as he left the police station.

The End

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