Bio ChroniclesMature

The story behind the infamous Bio Clan

Are story starts with three Innocent boys Jake, Daniel and Thomas.

It was a normal day for Jake He woke up He went to school and came home. As he walked in he greeted His mother and walked to his room. He lay down his blazer and turned on his X-Box 360 as usual. Dan and tom did vary much the same they all met on there favorite game Halo Reach and they did what they normally did they played some games and left for dinner. While eating his diner Jake heard of a storm advancing from the east to wards his countryside hometown. He washed up and returned to his Beloved X-Box he started talking to Dan and Tom. He told them of the storm that was approaching and that it would be best for him to turn off his electricity. They convinced Him to play one more game so he set out to play the quickest game of his life. He Had won due to his amazing skill and focus. Just as he went to turn his console off He heard a loud band and his room flooded with light as he touched the off buton.............

The End

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