Evelyn pushed Dorothy’s bedroom door open when she didn’t come down for dinner and found her fast asleep. She closed the door and left Dorothy a plate of food in the fridge with a post-it note with a heart drawn on it.

            “She’s sleeping,” Evelyn said to her husband, Victor.

            “I figured.”

            “She seemed a little off after her therapy session today. Has she talked to you about it?”

            “I haven’t talked with her today yet. She seemed okay after the last session. There’s no reason to get all worked up.”

            “Yes, but she was very quiet on the ride home. I’m worried about her.”

            “Do you think she found out something?”

            “What do you mean?” Evelyn asked, standing up to straighten the house before bed,.

            “You know, the thing.”

            “No, Victor, I don’t know. Please enlighten me.”

            “Forget it. You know, Evelyn, you can really be a pain sometimes. Grow up.”

            Evelyn walked away. Victor had been getting cruel with her lately, for seemingly no reason at all. They only fought about Dorothy it seemed, and it started in the last few months. She watched Victor climb the stairs, and she walked to the kitchen. She didn’t like it, but she had a hidden stash of chocolate nobody knew about, and she slumped at the kitchen table and coated the feelings of shame and guilt with it.

The End

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