Ten - super shortMature

            Evelyn collapsed in bed next to Victor after a long day down memory lane.

            “How’s she doing?” he asked, turning to face Evelyn.

            “Better. I heard her crying a little bit ago, but it sounds like she’s sleeping now.”

            “Why was she crying?”

            “Why wouldn’t she be crying? Really? She has no memories, and I just showed her a photo album of her when she was younger.” When she didn’t get a look of understanding, she clarified. “She doesn’t remember her life. Everything is disjointed. How would you feel?”

            “Okay, I guess I understand a little. I mean, I’ve never even had memory problems, even with late-night college party binges.”

            “Oh, I know all about those things. I just think for Dorothy it would be a good idea to try that hypnotherapy thing the doctor was talking about. It couldn’t hurt.”

            “Hurt who, exactly?”

            “Her. I mean, if she doesn’t remember anything, nothing changed. If she remembers some of her past, then she’ll get a boost of confidence.”

            “And if she starts remembering too much of her past?”

            “What’s that supposed to mean?”

            “Oh, forget it, Evelyn. We’ll talk about it in the morning.”

            She watched as he rolled over to his side of the bed and stretched to turn his lamp off. After watching his measured breaths that let her know the conversation was over, she did the same, leaving the room and her mind in total darkness.

The End

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