Thanks, Bill.

This has been the day from hell.

Three angry clients on the phone, wanting to know when they'd be receiving their settlement cheques.  One of them even called me a very bad name.  I mean, there are bad names and bad names, but this was the bad name.  I made mental note to hang onto his cheque for a few more days when it does turn up.  I mean, don't these people know how to behave?  There is such a thing as respect.

Then I had the meeting with my manager, Jeff, for my appraisal.  Slow, he called me.  Not a team player, he said.  He brought up that business about the Tanner account.  Tanner had been a good client, he said, and I was solely responsible for him taking the account elsewhere.  He told me I'd been lucky not to be fired on the spot.  He said I was on 'borrowed time' and I needed to pull my socks up.

The final straw was when I checked my balance online at the bank and saw that I'm overdrawn.  Again.  By a large amount. 

That would be Jenny, my daughter.  I knew I should've hidden my debit card after the last time.  I can't even phone her to chew her ear off as they don't allow cellphones in school.

So I came out here for a cigarette.  I had a full pack on me. Oh, sod it.  My lighter's still in my bag, under my desk.  Why is it so much worse to have cigarettes and no light, than the other way round?

Then this guy comes running past me, jacket ablaze, with all these people in pursuit, shouting, 'Bill, Bill!'

I saw my chance, and caught him up, then jogged along beside him, till I got the thing lit.

Thanks, Bill.

The End

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