Why, oh Bill, why?!


‘You can’t force love’, she screamed, as her legs gave way, and she doubled up right there on the street. Trying to catch her breath, she wondered if anyone heard her, if Bill heard her. She turned her head up to look at the blur of people running after Bill, jackets, arms and legs flying, on the sidewalk still wet from the rain. Oh Lord, let it rain now, and douse the fire on Bill’s blue blazer! 

What do I do, what do I do, what do I do? Why is he such as bloody pig-head?! Why does he have to love me so? Why hasn’t he outgrown it in all these years? Why does he have to try one stunt after another? 

Ray says it’s to get my attention. 

So was that what it was today, just another one of those attention gaining tactics? Light yourself up and see Sasha churn? Or was it about her admission this morning, when once again, Bill started scratching at the surface of their non-existent love story? Feeling exasperated, she had spat out the truth at him, the truth that she doesn’t love him and that she never will. Because she loves Ray! Yes, she loves dear Ray, with all that’s pure and true in her. 

You can never tell with Bill, she sighed, failing to still her recalcitrant mind. She started walking towards the intersection where the boys had turned right, fervently hoping that one of them had got Bill down. Down into a rain water puddle. Oh Lord, please don’t let any harm come to Bill. Please do something.  

The End

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