Xavier: War and Waters (and supernatural creatures too)

Xavier’s ears twitched, as though Lucille had yelled instead of whispering. Tentatively he answered in hushed tones, “Book Meeting.”

 As you could tell Xavier was far from talkative. Lucille on the other hand . . .

 “So what’s the sitch (situation),” Lucille babbled.

In response Xavier pointed to the rafters. Not seeing anything, Lucille took a step forward then screeched as a bat flew down. She ducked just in time, her iffy leg flung out to the side sending searing pain up her side, as the bat crashed into a shelf knocking down several books, three of which fell open. The first book War and Peace (1st Edition) was open for a split second releasing a pair of passionate lovers who sprawled against the floor and a cannonball which careened into the top of the next bookcase, causing a cascade of bookshelves to topple like dominoes. The second book Monstra Monsters Monica streamed red light from it’s pages, releasing rotting zombies, horny devils, a large hideously slimy beast and filthy mummies before Lucille managed to wrestle the leathery cover closed.

 The third book however: “Oceania: Fulfilled” shed a eerie blue light from it’s pages unleashing a thick torrent of water, soaking the library’s marble floor and the pages of the spilt books. Xavier, still holding the shiny Batty Bats Bag Baggy Bats cowered in the shadows as the slime beast tore the male lovers head from his shoulders, the female lover screeching like a wounded banshee, tears pouring down her immaculate face.

The beast would have turned her entails into a meal had the torrent of water not hit the humongous, towering creature’s slimy head, bowling the creature into a night lamp which as the Book Club had secretly wired the building into the electricity grid (Franco was an electrician), combined with the water fried the slime beast, hardening the outer casing of green slime turning it a olive-green/black colour.

 Lucille, slipping and sliding on the floor (she was wearing tennis shoes) finally managed to stand up straight long enough to grab Xavier by the lapel of his leather jacket and dash down the aisle, narrowly avoiding an attack by one of the vampires who crashed into one of the broken, toppled bookcases bursting into dust. Xavier inhaled a lungful of the stuff, causing him to double over coughing arduously due to his asthma.

 Lucille kept dragging Xavier along even as Xavier struggled to reach the inhaler in his back pocket. They had to reach the meeting place to regroup with the others so that they could open the weapon cache, destroy the escaped monsters, then escape before the city’s security turned up to find the reason for the unruly noise being created by the crashing bookcases and the high pitched cries of the evil monsters.

 They turned the corner that led to the meeting place but they stopped in their tracks as the two vampires barred the passages way. They heard the sound of mummies and zombies approaching from behind. Dead End. The vampires advanced, but just as they were about to leap forward and sink their fangs into their scrumptious necks . . .

The End

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