Xavier enters

Xavier was creeping around the stacks. It would be an hour before anyone else would arrive, but who cares? The library was abandoned anyway, well except for the old ghosts of the dead who had died for their love of reading. 

Spying a book with a shiny cover, he picked it off the shelf (he never could resist shiny objects), and flipped it open. (The book was called Batty Bats Bag Baggy Bats).

With a flash of light emanating from the book, a bat appeared.  Xavier screeched and dropped the book.  As soon as the book fell shut, the light coming from within turned off. Panting Xavier looked around for the bat, but the bat's distant screeches suggested that it would not be coming near him anytime soon. 

Xavier had short black hair and a long, deep scar running from above his left eye, down to his right cheek. He had pale skin from avoiding the sun (he only came out at night), and peculiarly large ears. He was dressed in black skinny jeans, a black sweater (he was of an average height and fairly lean) and a black leather jacket (i wonder what his favourite colour is). 

He looked back down at the book. It called to him, beckoned him. It was shiny.

The End

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