Billinghurst Book Club

Books are dangerous, just how dangerous...

The library had lain empty for so long, the spiders themsleves had left years ago. All that was left now were the cobs and the books themselves.

Many, many years ago, the books had revolted against their loyal readers, and terrible things started happening. The librarian in 1990 was reading a book on Marie Antoinette when suddenly there was a thwack, And her head was rolling on the floor. Police had cautioned off the entire block searching for a killer and any clues, but there were none.

A new librarian was appointed, no ghost stories could stop the governors of the library form carrying on. However in the end, the governors closed down the library, barring the doors and keeping the books inside until they could rot.

It is now 2009 and a mysterious group of people have set up in the abandoned library. They're a bit strange, their limbs are covered in scratches and burns and many of them have been horribly disfigured by something.

There is Franco, Ollie, Xavier, Gina, Jools, Lucille and someone who no-one can figure out, including him or her self. They think that he or she read a book on split personalties but no-one is sure because ever him/her argues about it with him/herself.

They meet on Tuesday nights in the non-fiction section. Who knows what fiction might do to you?

The End

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