The Great Tug of War

"You like Danny?" I scan Kathy again, her greasy, stringy hair, and ratted tee shirt. "Why?"

Kathy sighs dreamily. "I've liked him for a long time. Of course, I've never had a chance with Justice around. You'll help me get his attention, won't you?"

"Me? I'm...I'm not really--"

"Please?" Kathy smiles at me shyly. "You're the only girl that will even talk to me. I don't have any other friends. No one seems to like me for some reason, but everyone likes you, even after your first day here. Even Justice seems to think you're amazing."

"Well..." I hesitate. "Sorry, Kathy. I don't think that this is my...area of expertise."

She looks so sad I almost change my mind. "Okay," she sighs. "I guess it's no use. If you're going to become another Justice I suppose I can't stop you.  But I have to go to volleyball now. See you later."

An hour after she leaves I walk home with Justine.  "So you're friends with Kathy now, huh?" She asks. I sighc

"I don't know. She's nice, but she seems a little...pushy."

Justice shrugs. "Yeah, she can be strange. She won't talk to me at all. I try to be nice to her, but it seems like she's holding a grudge. I don't know why; I never did anything to her."

I bite my lip and say nothing.

"Anyway," Justice continues, "You do want to join the squad, right? It would be so much better if we had more people."

For a minute I think back to what Kathy said, and then I shrug. "Yeah, sure," I agree finally. "Count me in."

Justice grins at me. "Cool. I'll have to talk to Mrs. Umbridge--she's the manager--but I'm sure we can get you a uniform in time for the game. And also...I know you just got here and all, but could you maybe talk to Kathy for me? You know, just to find out what's going on?"

I sigh. "Sure. No problem."

I don't say anything else the rest of the walk home.

The End

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