" where the hell is he!" Cyrus Feeble yelled. It was the afternoon and Cyrus Feeble, owner of Feeble Logging Company, had just discovered one of his workers was missing. A man of average height who was bald at the top of his head p, yet had brown hair around the edge. The man wore flannel and worn blue jeans. He walked right up to Cyrus, and stared right at Cyrus staring at his blue eyes. 

The man was Hans, one of Cyrus best managers and one of his best friends. 

" Let me guess, he's not here is he". Hans asked.

Cyrus rubbed his white beard. " Kenny has ditched work for the seventh time this year. It looks like I am going to have to let him go."

" Some people just have no idea about how you just don't ditch work.".

The End

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