chapter 1.

In the small town of Cedarwoods, Alaska, something lurks in the woods. It all starts with the disappearance of a logger followed by strange footprints, stranger sightings, and disappearing pets. The residents of Cedarwoods are soon going to learn they are not at the top of the food chain anymore.

The huge grizzly was thrashing around in the waters of the Yukon River looking for salmon. What the bear did not know is that it was about to become lunch for fellow logger, and bear hunt Kenny Smith who had been tracking the bear for a couple of days now. Kenny had discovered that the bear he had in the sight of his rifle scoor seemed to inhabit the particular part of the Yukon River he was in right now. Kenny was glad he had missed work at Feebles Logging Company to come out and kill the beast. It was the only bear he had seen in all of bear hunting season. Usually the Grizzlies came down to the riverside to hunt this time of year, and Kenny would see at least 4 bears in three days. 

Kenny had took a deep breath and lined up his shot. He made sure to aim right between the Bears front legs, and upper body. 

He suddenly smelled something strange in the air. It was a foul smell; sort of like something released a bad fart and the stench had catches a ride on the wind and was now up his nose. Kenny shook his head. he had to focus on the bear. He went back to stating inside his scope. The Grizzly must have noticed the smell too, because the bear stood on it's hind legs. Kenny thought he saw the Bears black nose twitch. The bear suddenly dashed for the safety of a thicket of trees and branches. it was as if some thing scared it.

Suddenly Kenny felt a cold chill up his spine as he suddenly realized the entire woods seemed unusually quite that day. He just knew one thing. if the woods went silent there was a predator in the area. " What out here could scare a grizzly ? " Kenny thought. he was thinking maybe it was a wolf pack. Kenny was sure it was that. 

Suddenly he felt two large hands grab onto his shoulders and yank him back. The woods where no longer silent as KennY's screams of terror filled the air.

The End

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