Chapter 7.5: The Secret of Han Tower

The Chang Sing found themselves alone with the Wing Kong for the first time in over 15 years. The two groups glared at each other across the would-be battlefield with the intensity of a feud that has lasted for centuries. There would be no mercy, no negotiation, just glorious death and honor. The stern warriors readied their weapons. Several moments passed.

“What’s going on?” whispered Tech-edge, “Why isn’t anyone moving?”

“Shhhh!” responded Longshot, “Chinese standoff.”

Tech-edge turned his head slightly raising an eyebrow in confusion.

“It’s just something we do, alright?” scolded Longshot, “Just be quite and look as mean as possible.”

Tech-edge’s pose stiffened and he tried several mean faces but all felt awkward. He was relieved when one Wing Kong roared a war cry followed by the other Wing Kong. The Chang Sing responded with their own battle cry and the melee began.

The room looked like a tidal wave of claws, fangs, and talons heading toward the Chang Sing as the Wing Kong pounced and jumped off walls to attack them. Grey-wise’s and Longshot’s explosive shuriken stopped the first few Wing Kong in their places. But many others pounced through the smoke undaunted. Tiger-heart, Wang, and Tech-edge were the first to charge in, jumping over a dozen yards in one leap. Wang was surprised to see how easily Tech-edge kept up with him. Wang realized that Tech-edge had more than just cybernetic fingers.

As he landed, Tiger-heart decapitated one then slashed another across the chest. A third Wing King tried to slash him from his right flank but he ducked and rolled to avoid it. During the roll, he picked up one of the Wing Kong’s swords and he threw it to Wang.

“Nice trick with the PDA,” praised Wang to Tech-edge.

Tech-edge responded, “Thanks.”

“By the way that PDA…” Wang asked as he slashed a rat-looking Wing Kong.

“What about it?”

“That’s the same one that allowed you to bypass the locks to get into the building, right?”


“And could be used to help us escape this locked room”

Tech-edge punched a pig-looking Wing Kong then added, “Of course.”

“So now it’s in a million pieces?”

“Looks like it.”

“Just checking,” Wang sarcastically replied, “Don’t suppose you got a spare?”

“I did but I think it fell on the floor in the other room when you threw me against the wall earlier.”

“Oh, sorry ‘bout that” apologized Wang.

“Bygones!” responded Tech-edge.

Wang thrust the sword to the Wing Kong in front of him. But the Wing Kong jumped up and over to avoid the attack. Quickly, Wang drew the sword back, spun around, the held up the sword to block the Wing Kong’s talons as they came down for an attack. The Wing Kong shrieked in pain as his talons dug into the sword’s edge. Then Wang realized that his back was to the attacking Wing Kong. He ducked under and to the right of the sword, avoiding the horns of Wing Kong that instead took out his taloned comrade. Then Wang slashed at the stomach of the horned Wing Kong then thrusted his sword into his next attacker. Wang then kicked him away so Grey-wise could get a clear shot at him. Grey-wise’s arrow went through his heart.

Grey-wise and Longshot positioned themselves on stairs on the sides of the chamber. The positions allowed both to attack from elevated positions and to cover each other. The two shot a series of arrows, each finding their target. Grey-wise nodded at Longshot and both knocked an arrow and shot into the middle of the crowd away from the Chang Sing. Several Wing Kong then froze in place forcing those charging behind them to fall over.

 Destiny used the fallen Wing Kong like stepping stones, jumping from one to the other, slashing and stabbing as many Wing Kong as she could as she crossed the room. But a small Wing Kong jumped on her back to slow her down. With the grace of a ballet dancer on crack, Destiny spun around wildly until the Wing Kong flew off her back and into the crowd. However, Destiny did not realize that the Wing Kong used his tail to entangle Destiny’s arm and he tugged on her to bring her closer. Wang came in and cut off the tail, making the Wing Kong scream like a monkey.

“That’s a new one. Remind me to update our training,” Wang said to Destiny.

Destiny nodded and smiled.

"DOWN!” Tiger-heart screamed in mid jump as he approached Wang and Destiny. The two ducked and Tiger-heart flew over them to stab a large Wing Kong in the chest. The creature winced in pain for a second then continued his attack, lowering his head then using his horn to impale Tiger-heart and throw him up in the air. Qaing landed with a thud. It began to charge again but several explosive arrows eventually stopped it. Wang went to Tiger-heart’s side. He checked the wound hoping wound wasn’t as bad as he thought. But it was. Wang knew they would all soon meet the same fate.

“Wang Chi!” an unfamiliar but friendly voice yelled from behind him.

Wang glanced back to see the door they came through was now opened. The person waved him to come through.

“Wang Chi!” the figure yelled again.

Wang Chi thought the voice sounded like a woman’s. Wang didn’t have time to try to figure out who opened the door for them or why. He grabbed Tiger-heart, put his arm around his friend and began to lead him out. Tiger-heart was holding his stomach trying to stop the bleeding.

“Everyone out of here!” Wang ordered everyone.

Destiny grabbed Grey-wise and they ran out together. Tech-edge was busy at a computer terminal as Longshot grabbed him firmly on the arm.

“Hold on!” Tech-edge ordered as he yanked out a thumb drive from the terminal, “This virus should slow down their plans.”

Tech-edge stuffed the thumb drive into his pocket and followed Longshot. Just before they got to the door, Tech-edge stopped. He removed his bandolier of grenades and looked at Longshot. Longshot nodded. Tech-edge threw the bandolier in the air. Longshot took aim then shot at it, sticking it to one of the catwalks. The two ran out after their companions. After a few moments the timed explosive on the arrow went off exploding the bandolier, sending flames throughout the lab. The Wing Kong went berserk trying to extinguish themselves. They were aided by the fire suppression system which turned on the sprinkler and closed all the doors to the lab to keep the fire from spreading.

“Follow me,” the figure said as she ran down the corridor. The Chang Sing followed her into the stairwell. The figure stood up on the stairs leading up and said, “Go to the bottom level. There’s a vent just outside the door. That’s the way out.”

Tech-edge caught up to the injured Tiger-heart. He wrapped his torso quickly to stop the bleeding.

“This should hold for a while,” Tech-edge announced.

Assured that his friend was in good hands, Wang turned his attention back to their rescuer. She had long flowing hair and even with just a silhouette, Wang could tell she was beautiful. Wang eye’s finally adjusted to the low light level and he immediately recognized the woman. It was Lady Jade, General Chang’s courtesan.

“You?” he said, “why…”

“You don’t have much time,” Lady Jade whispered, “we both must go now.”

 Lady Jade ran upstairs. Wang lead the others down. Once Wang found the air vent, he recognized the smell of the air coming from it. Even after seventeen years, it was something Wang did not forget.

The End

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