Chapter 7.4: The Secret of Han Tower

Wang watched the tiger Wing Kong take an attack position and caught a glimpse of Talon in the background. Wang saw Talon raise his hand to fire a weapon. The Dragon Servant began to dodge the bullets from the Glock, bouncing off desks, walls, and other structures with the grace of a gazelle. At the same time, he had to contend with the Wing Kong. But Wang knew he couldn’t do much against three attackers. When he counted off the 19th shot, Wang knew it was his chance to attack. What Wang would soon realize is that Talon did not intend to hit him. The Tong Elite warrior just needed to position him. Talon threw his Glock at the computer monitor mounted on a pole next to Wang. The device exploded in a shower of sparks that blinded Wang. Talon then kicked a desk chair that hit Wang squarely in the face, duly halting his attack. Blinded and in pain, Wang flopped onto the ground prone to all three foes

“Damn,” thought Wang.

He had heard of the Tong Elite developing some sort of anti-Chi fighting techniques but he never imagined they would be so effective. A lesser man would have given up right there. There was no way to defend against a combine attack from all three. But Wang refused to surrender. He searched for something that could help him. The trio advanced for the kill. Wang put his mind in order, as he was taught to when in combat. In moments, Wang saw the truth in it. Talon alone would make the killing blow. His ego demanded no less. But Wang was still blind and had no idea from where Talon would attack. As almost an answer to a prayer, as Talon approached for the kill, he stepped in the glass from the exploded monitor. That was all Wang needed. He quickly figured out Talon’s position and rolled away to avoid the strike. Wang figured Talon would reposition himself to strike again rather than dodge the attack again, so Wang spun on his back and used his legs to sweep at Talon who fell to the ground with a thump. Wang kicked him towards the Wing Kong hoping to knock both down. Wang managed to trip up the wolf but the tiger avoided Talon to come in for a strike. Wang deflected his attack with one sword and focused on Talon with the other. The surprised Talon didn’t have a chance to defend himself and Wang’s sword came right at Talon’s neck. But at the last second, Wang stopped his attack.

“Can’t do it, can you, Wang?” smiled Talon, “You can kill demons but not a friend, even one that has tried to kill you.”

Talon swatted Wang’s sword away with his own, “That’s why you’ll never win.”

Talon gestured to Wang to take a closer look around him. Wang could see the room was filled with cloned animal Wing Kong. He realized Chang had only sent in a small group to confront him and the rest of the Chang Sing, probably to see how they would perform one on one. The rest of the Wing Kong were awaiting orders to attack and finish off the Chang Sing. Talon used Wang’s moment of awe to come in for another attack adeptly aided by his two super-Wing Kong Clones. The three attacked almost as one, Wang could not find a way to get the upper hand.

"What’s the point, Wang?” Talon asked, “You can’t bring yourself to kill me anyway. I just need to give the word and the Wing Kong will come in and tear you and your friends apart in seconds.  You are hopelessly beaten.”

The trio began their final attack. Wang knew the battle belonged to Talon. But for some strange reason, he found that invigorating. No one had tested Wang’s skills like Talon and the Wing Kong. Wang began to understand more about himself. He could almost hear his ancestors whispering to him, telling him what it truly meant to be a Dragon Servant Warrior. A thought entered his head that surprised him – Chang’s scar. The picture of Chang’s scar filled his mind. He struggled to focus his thoughts.

But then Talon interrupted, “I wanted to fight you to see your Dragon Servant skills for myself.”

Wang tried to ignore Talon but something told him to listen carefully.

Talon continued, “I’m going to order the Wing Kong to kill you now. It was an honor to fight a Dragon Servant and his swords.”

That was the answer he was looking for. Wang wondered how he could have been so blind.

“You know what they say about a Dragon Servant’s swords?” Wang asked with a smile.

Talon could only respond with a look of confusion.

Wang smiled, “They say his swords are sharp enough to cut through lies!”

Talon noticed Wang’s smile. Something was different and Talon took a step back to brace himself. But Wang just turned his back on Talon. He looked directly at General Chang. Talon could see his master was just as confused as he was. Then with a speed that Talon had never seen before, Wang threw his sword at General Chang.

Chang dodged it as easily as he did Longshot’s arrow earlier. After what happened next, Chang would never underestimate Wang Chi again. Chang  had focused on Wang’s first sword, he didn’t see his second sword coming at him. He tried to dodge it but it was too late. The sword pierced Chang’s chest through his heart. Time froze. The Chang Sing, the Tong Elite, and the new Wing Kong stopped their fighting and stared at Chang. They stared not because he had a sword through his chest but because the sword through his chest didn’t seem to bother him at all. Chang didn’t collapse, he didn’t tense in pain, he didn’t even bleed. However, he did look plenty pissed off. He took a hankerchief from his coat pocket and wiped the sweat off his upper lip. He then reached back behind him and pulled the sword out. Again, he didn’t seem to be in pain.

“You fool!” a ghostly voice echoed through the room, “I told you not to underestimate the boy.”

Wang turned to Tiger-heart and Tech-edge and asked, “Did you hear that?”

"Hear what?” responded both.

The voice sounded familiar. Wang tried hard but couldn’t quite place it. Wang would later realize that he absolutely knew whom the voice belonged to, he was just too frightened to admit to himself.

The voice continued, “Now they all know our little secret – not just the old Chang Sing but your precious Tong Elite as well, you pathetic moron. This really pisses me off to no end!”

Wang could no longer deny it, “That voice… It’s Lo Pan’s.”

Lo Pan continued, “Ching Dai may have given you my heart, and thus my immortality, but he should have given you some of my brains as well. Maybe you could have used them to…Wait…The boy”

Chang looked down at Wang who stared up with fright and amazement.

Lo Pan stated slowly in astonishment, “He can hear me.”

Wang could almost see the outline of Lo Pan’s spirit talking to Chang.

“Quickly you dim-witted fool,” Lo Pan ordered Chang, “Run before he discovers all your secrets. Must I always tell you everything?”

Chang was tired of the old dead wizard telling him what to do. He was tired of his ceremonial silk robes and his disgusting long painted fingernails.  And his voice! His voice made him shiver to his core like nails on a chalkboard.

“I hope you’re enjoying Hell, wizard,” whispered Chang.

“Shut up and run you idiot. Run now. It’s that simple. Understand!” Lo Pan repeated.

Chang slammed his hand on the railing of the catwalk in frustration then turned around and ran back into the hallways of the Han Corporation. The Tong Elite were confused. All their lives they shunned the supernatural only to find out that their master may be a creature of magic himself. They instinctively followed him. At the very least, they had to ensure their master was safe. Talon was the last to follow. He turned to the Wing Kong and old Chang Sing who were all just standing still in awe and confusion, replaying the scene of Chang laughing and pulling a sword out of his chest without a care. Talon was angered by the arrogance of the obviously inferior Chang Sing.

“Kill them. Kill them all,” Talon ordered the Wing Kong as the door shut behind him.

The End

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