Chapter 7.3: The Secret of Han Tower

Longshot launched an explosive arrow at Chang. With an elegant quickness, the General stepped aside allowing the arrow to shoot past him. Even when the arrow exploded on the wall behind him, Chang didn’t flinch.

“That damn scar!” thought Wang.

Wang could not take his eye off of Wang’s scar. 

“That was…” began Chang.

Wang could swear that Chang paused because he noticed Wang staring at his scar. Wang averted his eyes.

Chang composed himself and continued, “That was very rude young one. Have your mentors not taught you the meaning of hospitality? Very well, I will show you the meaning of the word.”

Chang gestured to someone behind the Chang Sings. The Chang Sings turned to look to see two Tong Elite approach them from behind. Both held handguns at the ready in each hand, their laser sights pointed at Longshot and Destiny.

“Come in friends. Don’t be shy. Welcome to Han Labs.”

The two Tong ushered the Chang inside, closing the door behind them. General Chang stood on a catwalk on the opposite side of the room one floor up. The Chang Sing also noticed Talon standing on a raised computer control panel to just underneath the catwalk to their right.

“Breaking and entering is a new low for you,” accused Chang, “and you have an accomplice this time.”

Chang notice Tech-edge, “Please introduce yourself, young one.”

Tech-edge responded, “Hey, thought this place was a bank and I was applying for a car loan. Next thing you know I end up here.”

“Most interesting,” Chang smirked, “judging by your equipment, I’d say there’s a strong chance that you’re the hacker that’s been annoying us of late.”

Tech-edge just shrugged his shoulders.

“I would guess, too, that you don’t work alone. That PDA in your hand would probably hold a great deal of useful information.”

Chang gestured and one of the Tong Elite snatched the PDA from Tech-edge’s hand.

“This isn’t over, Chang.” announced Wang.

General Chang replied, “It would sadden Miao Yin to see you in jail.”

“Say her name again and I will kill you where you stand, Chang.”

 If it was possible to bow sarcastically, Chang did so. He then continued, “You must understand that I did what needed to be done. In order to prosper, Chinatown needed to expel all the old superstition and magic. The deportation of Miao…uh…your lovely wife, so touched by black magic was not only necessary but beneficial to Chinatown.”

“Miao Yin was no threat to you or anyone else.” stated Wang.

"I’m sorry she died in such a tragic and sudden manor but fate is like that.”

Wang’s raw emotions were much more difficult to control than he liked to admit.

Chang continued, “You’ve made your choices Wang. You could have gone back to China with her…perhaps prevented her death. But you decided to stay.

“Yes unfortunately, you decided to stay in Chinatown, as well, to be Han Ling’s lackey.”

The remark angered Chang but the venerable General knew better than to respond unkindly.

You have impeccable timing Wang. Today we celebrate a momentous occasion. Now you will witness a new era of Chinatown prosperity. As you know, we still have many gangs and thugs in Chinatown other than yourself of course. When the Chang Sing left Han Ling, he was left without foot soldiers in his constant battle against crime. The Tong Elite were officers without an army. Now he shall have the fiercest warriors fighting for us. I present to you the new Wing Kong.”

General Chang flipped a switch and the lights in the chamber came up one by one to reveal hundreds of  man-sized water tanks each occupied by a cloned Wing Kong warrior. The Chang Sing stared in awe at the tool of their eventual demise.

“There is no use resisting, Wang. You see, we not only recreated the Wing Kong. We improved them!”

Wang watched as a group of Wing Kong began to fill the catwalk. A few took positions to surround the Chang Sing. The new Wing Kong appeared to be half human and half animal. The variety of animals was immense – leopards, tigers, rhinos, and bears were just a few Wang could make out.

“Because it is such a historic day, I will give you a gift. I will spare your lives. Lay down your weapons and you will be allowed to leave.”

The Chang Sing looked at each other in confusion.

“This is not a trick my friends to attack you unarmed. The simple fact of the matter is you are beaten. You can not possibly stand against us now. We’ve also jammed your communications so you can’t even call for help.”

Tech-edge joked, “Can’t even call for help? You mean like, ‘Help, help, help. I’m in trouble. Help. Help. Help.”

“Yes that’s exactly what I…” Chang’s words were interrupted by Tech-edge’s PDA which sprang to life with internal mechanical noises.

Tech-edge looked at Wang and stated, “I told you, with my gadgets, I prefer to use plain English.”

Wang’s eyes widened. Tech-edge grabbed Longshot and Destiny and pushed them to the floor. Wang grabbed Tiger-heart and Grey-wise and followed Tech-edge’s example.

“Get rid of it you fool,” ordered Chang.

But the Tong Elite was too slow to react and the PDA exploded like a flash bang grenade. The two Tong Elite were down for the count. The Chang Sing took advantage of the situation. Tiger-heart punched the nearest Wing Kong. Tiger-heart withdrew his hand in pain. It was like punching a rhino. The Wing Kong just angrily snorted at Tiger-heart but his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fell over. At that point, the other nearby Wing Kong joined the fight. Longshot ran to the panel next to the door.

“It’s locked,” he cried.

“Don’t panic,” ordered Wang, “We just have to…”

Out of the corner of his eye, Wang noticed something come at him. He instinctively put his sword above his head and he heard a loud clang.

 "I tried to warn you Wang,” claimed Talon, his eyes no longer showing friendship.

Wang noticed two figures rushing on his flanks.

“Yeah, thanks for that,” responded Wang sarcastically as he tangled Talon’s right forearm and threw him at the figure approaching on him from his left. Wang continued his turn to attack the other figure. Talon dove as his intended target jumped over him to continue rushing towards Wang. When Wang heard only silence when there should have been two bodies crashing into each other, he realized he needed a change in plan. A moment before attacking, Wang jumped and cartwheeled in the air, slashing at the figure that was on his right from above and dodging the attack from the other figure from behind. Wang’s swords were deflected with a shower of sparks. He landed to face all three of his attackers

The two figures were Wing Kong clones. One of them appeared to be a wolf, the other a tiger. Both wore clawed gauntlets that fit over their forearms. Wang realized the gauntlets were the things that blocked his swords. The Wing Kong closed for another attack. The wolf slashed at Wang. Wang blocked the attack then turned in time to block the attack from the tiger. The wolf took another swing. Wang cartwheeled over it, slicing a bit of the tiger’s bicep on the way down. The wolf took that moment to thrust his claws at Wang. Wang spun away from his attack slashing at the Wolf’s shins. To normal humans, the wounds that Wang inflicted would slow them down. The clones showed no sign of pain or hesitation.

The clones attacked again with the ferocity of wild animals and the accuracy of well-trained soldiers. He knew Talon would not let loose such talent without a strategy. Wang restrained his attack allowing his foe’s intentions unfold.


The End

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