Chapter 7.1: The Secret of Han Tower

Brian Chan was the nightshift supervisor of security at the Han Tower. He walked out of elevator into the lobby yawning and carrying his walkie talkie. His uniform was a bit frumpy from a long night’s work of really doing nothing. He made his way to the front security desk where two guards were watching the early morning news.  

He grabbed the night’s log and asked, “Ready to head home, guys.”

“Yup,” both men said in a muffled voice, their mouths full of food.

“Smells good,” Brian said, “What are you eating?”

The guard sitting in the chair responded, “Something a delivery boy dropped off. Eggrolls, I think.”

Brian put the logbook back and said, “Hmmm…OK, see you guys….wait a minute did you say eggrolls?”


“YOU IDIOTS!” Brian screamed as he grabbed the bag and tried to close it to prevent the smell from getting out.

But it was too late. With the sound of shattering glass, two Chinese Wild men charged into the lobby toward the desk. Moments later a third popped out of an air vent, roaring wildly and licking his lips. Then a fourth forced the elevator doors open, climbing out of the shaft. The guards began to shoot them as Brian called for backup.

“Wow, they sure do love Ernie’s eggrolls. Don’t they?” asked Tech-edge, “What kind of wizard is he again?”

“A summoner,” answered Wang, “A Grand Master Rehe Summoner to be exact. His ancestors made food that smelled and tasted so good that people from miles away would come. After several generations of perfecting these recipes, eventually even demons and supernatural beings found their food irresistible. Ernie likes to keep a low profile and only make a dish or two for ‘special occasions’.”

“Eggrolls summoning Chinese Wild Men? That’s a new one” asked Tech-edge.

Tiger-heart responded, “You should see who shows up when he makes his Peking Duck.”

“Heh, This way while the guards are busy. We don’t have much time.”

Tech-edge lead the Chang Sing to a door by the loading dock. As expected, there was an electronic security lock by the door. Tech-edge used his knife to pry open the front panel exposing wires and circuit boards. Tech-edge had a PDA in his hand. Tech-edge punched a few buttons to initiate the security bypass program. After a series of beeps, the door opened. The group ran inside with Grey-wise going in last.


Lady Jade sat upright in her bed, her long hair flowing over her bare shoulders.

“Gonsung?” she whispered.

General Chang answered, “Please my dearest, go back to sleep.”

Chang was standing at the closet at end of the bedroom, straightening out his suit pant leg to prepare to put his shoes on. At the top of Han Tower, Chang’s apartment had a wonderful view of San Francisco, particularly at night. Lady Jade’s beautiful silhouette arguably overshadowed the city skyline at night.

“Where are you going?” Jade asked.

“There’s an incident in the lobby. Probably just something minor.”

“Can’t you get someone else to check?”

Chang snickered, “Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.”

“Are you honestly going to quote Sun Tzu to me at 3 in the morning?” Jade yawned.

Chang laughed as he approached the bedside. Jade’s intellect was astounding even when she was half asleep.

“I won’t be long my dear,” Chang gave Lady Jade a short passionate kiss, “Now go back to sleep. You have an interview with Channel 5 at 8”

“And Channel 7 at 8:30.”

“Go back to sleep.”

“Good idea.”

Lady Jade collapsed back into her bed as Chang left the room.

The End

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