Chapter 6.3: The Dragon of the Black Pool Serves the Best Tea in Chinatown

Eddie’s words caught everyone off guard and they began to listen more intently. Unfortunately, Eddie was busily drinking tea and felt no need to finish his thought.

“Eddie, what are you talking about?” asked Wang.

Eddie put down his cup, “Damn that is good tea.”


“Oh, sorry. I mean.., just all that threatening stuff and that bull about interfering with Chinatown’s future. It was just obvious he didn’t mean a word of it.”

Eddie’s cell phone vibrated. He quickly looked at it and put it back in his pocket. He picked up the tea cup again.

“He was obviously just trying to get under your skin just to see if you had something up your sleeve or something.”

A confused Wang asked, “What do you mean?”

Eddie responded “Well, obviously a guy like that just doesn’t go around thinking about the future of his community. He just goes wherever Chang tells him to go. Chang needed some information on you, it’s that simple. I guess he must be concerned about something.”

Eddie took another sip of tea, “I mean I’m no legendary swordsman of kung fu master. But as your agent I’ve been dealing with sharks and shysters in the entertainment biz for years, I know someone with a hidden motive when I see one. Like that soy burger guy we met in Fresno. Remember him?”

Wang was always amazed at how wise Eddie was when he really wasn’t thinking about it. He needed Eddie to continue without conveying how good he was doing.

“What do you think he was concerned about?” Wang asked refilling Eddie’s tea.

“Thanks. Who knows? Maybe he’s got some big investors coming into town and wants to make a good impression. Or maybe something is brewing that he doesn’t want you to know about.”

“Really?” Wang asked encouraging Eddie to continue.

“Let’s face it, the man is pure evil. He’s always up to something. Or maybe he thinks you got a hold of his financial records, huh?”

A hint of a smile returned to Wang’s face.

“A guy like that is probably pretty worried all the time – worried that good people like you will find the opportunity one day to get something good on him and bring his house of cards down. Although, I don’t know why Chang would be so concerned, now. All his secrets are locked up tight in Han Tower. I mean, it’s not like we have the keys to the building or anything.”

Wang locked eyes at Tiger-heart with a determined look that the Chang Sing leader hated.

“By the way,” questioned Eddie, “who’s the loser in the basement?”

 "No way, Wang. Don’t even think about it!” screamed Tiger-heart.

“Think about what?” asked Eddie “What’s going on?”

Wang grabbed Eddie by the lapels, pulling him out of his chair, and gave him an impassioned bear hug. The sudden display of affection caused Eddie to spill his tea. Wang let him go then straightened out his clothes with a grin then headed straight for the basement. A line of concerned Chang Sing followed him.

“Wang!” screamed Tiger-heart.

“Chang’s up to something and I’m going to help this guy find out,” asserted Wang, “then he’ll help me get all the info we need to finally bring him down. This may be our only shot”

Wang continued dismissively, “No one said you and the others had to come with me.”

A confused Eddie watched everyone leave the room as he wiped up the spill with a rag. He took another sip of tea while trying to wrap his mind about exactly what transpired in the past few minutes. Then it hit him.

“Oh my God!” he thought in wide-eyed amazement, “This is some damn good tea.”


Tech-edge was pacing in his cell in he heard the commotion of a gaggle of people rushing down the stairs. He knew this was the moment. His plan either worked or they were coming to kill him. The door swung open.

“I’ll get you inside Han Tower and you help me get information on Chang  to put him away?” asked Wang curtly.

“YOU will get me inside?” questioned Tech-edge wondering why only Wang was going to accompany him.

“WE will get you inside,” interrupted Tiger-heart, “Hey, someone has to watch your back. I still don’t trust this guy.”

Wang smiled at his friend and Tiger-heart returned it.

Tiger-heart continued, “But I’m not ordering anyone else to go. This is dangerous – volunteers only.”

“I’m the best hacker you’ve got. I’m in.” Longshot chimed.

“An assault on Han Tower? This is shear madness,” spoke Grey-wise, “and something so unexpected it might work. I’m in as well.”

The other Chang Sing nodded in agreement and gave the Chang Sing hand sign to each other.

Tech-edge spoke, “I don’t mean to interrupt the inevitable group hug that accompanies moments like this but can I please get out of this cage now?”

“Let him out,” ordered Wang, “Everyone get your gear together. We leave in 15.”

Wang’s words set up a flurry of activity among the Chang Sing.

“I’m calling Ernie,” remarked Wang, “What do you think? Will two dozen eggrolls be enough?”

“Eggrolls?” Tech-edge exclaimed.

Wang whipped out his cell phone and began to dial wildly.

Grey-wise approached the door to the cell with the keys.

With a smile Tech-edge said, “Don’t worry. I got it.”

Tech-edge stuck his hand outside the cage and put his finger by the lock. The tip of his finger opened to reveal the bionic devices underneath. With a mechanical whir, a small tool popped out. He stuck it into the lock and a few moments later swung the door wide open effortlessly. 

“OK,” Tech-edge said wiggling his toes, “who the hell’s got my boots?”

The End

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