Chapter 4.2: Specimen 39J at the Wing Kong Exchange

Tiger-heart nodded then looked around the corner again, motioned for the rest to follow then continued around the corner. The four skulked down a corridor that eventually lead to a storage room full of stacked crates. Before entering the room, the four looked at each other. They all realized this room was a great place for an ambush. But it was also a great place to hide for anybody that broke into the warehouse. 

Tiger-heart gave the hand signal for the four to split up individually but keep in visual contact. Although this method made each man a little more vulnerable to an attack from behind, this method was the quickest way to search the storeroom. Wang nodded in agreement.

The four entered the doorway and immediately split up. The way the boxes were stacked was disconcerting to Wang. At first, the boxes were stacked low, making visual contact between the three others easy to keep. But as they walked forward, the boxes were stacked higher and the others came in and out of visual contact. If an ambush would happen it would be soon. But nothing happened. As they continued to walk forward the box stacks became lower again.

Suddenly, Tiger-heart, who was ahead of the others gave the hand signal to stop, duck down to hide themselves then regroup at his position. When the four were together, Tiger-heart pointed past the boxes in front of him. At first, there was nothing to see. Then a figure popped up from behind the some boxes. It looked like the figure would attack at first but his movement made it apparent he was not aware of the four and was instead working on something. It was too dark to see what the figure looked like in any detail. But all four were sure that the silhouette did not match Tong Elite or any other group they knew of. The figure ducked back down behind the boxes.

Tiger-heart gave the signal for pair lead by Wang to get into a position near the figure and wait. Wang nodded realizing that Tiger-heart would come from the other direction and subdue the figure to be questioned.

A few moments later, Wang was in position and keeping an eye on the figure. Now Wang could see the figure was wearing a close fitting black and gray outfit. The figure moved easily and freely. Wang surmised the outfit was some sort of high tech armor – very expensive. Wang watched as the figure stood up, took a few steps back, then checked his backpack for more tools. Just as he turned around to go back to his work, Destiny grabbed him from behind and threw him to Tiger-heart. The figure landed perfectly into Tiger-heart’s iron embrace. With a swift motion, Tiger-heart stuck his right thumb into a sensitive part of the figure’s neck just below his left ear. The figure convulsed in pain but unable to speak above a whisper.

Wang and Longshot had already moved swiftly and quietly several feet from the position to stand just before the captured figure. Convinced the figure was under control, Wang’s sword was still sheathed. Longshot had two throwing daggers ready.  

“Who are you?” asked Wang sternly.

“Please you have to let me help him,” the figure asked sincerely wincing through obvious pain..

Confused, Wang turned to the spot that the figure had been working. He then saw another figure in laying on the floor in the fetal position, his back to the group. Wang took a close look at the tools around the back pack. They were medical tools, syringes, bandages and the like.   

“Please let me go,” asked the figure caught by Tiger-heart.

But as he tried to make his way back to the man on the floor, Tiger-heart grasped him tighter.

“OK,” the caught man responded, “maybe we need to do this differently. My name is Daniel Lee but you can call me Tech-edge…”

“Shut up!” ordered Tiger-heart as Tech-edge grimaced in pain that seemed to set all his nerves on fire, “Wang, check him out.”

Wang approached the man on the floor slowly.

“Careful, he’s got a weapon,” Tech-edge grunted. 

Wang saw a glint of metal in the man’s right hand and began to talk to him, “We’re here to help friend. What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

“I want to go home…I want to go home,” whimpered the figure on the floor.

“We’ll take you home. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.”

“Nobody can help me,” whispered the man on the floor.

“We’re friends. We can help you,” Wang assured.

“No. No. No,” cried the man, “Nobody can help me.”

He then rolled toward Wang slowly. Even in the dim light, Wang recognized him immediately. He had long wild hair with a bald area on top. His moustache was a Fu Man Chu style and the weapon in his right hand confirmed his suspicions like a brick hitting him in the face. The man was holding a meat cleaver.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Wang. He’s Wing Kong.

The Chang Sing gasped with doubt.

“What?” questioned Tiger-heart as he shrugged in disbelief. Unfortunately, the shrug also inadvertently drove a wave of pain through Tech-edge’s body. Tired of holding on to their hostage, Qinag pressed his thumb against Tech-edge’s neck just below the left ear. With a twist, Tech-edge was no longer in pain. Tiger-heart threw him to Longshot who put one dagger to his throat and another to his stomach. 

“Impossible,” remarked Tiger-heart, “They’re all dead.”

“I know. I saw this one die with my own eyes,” answered Wang.

Wang took a moment, “We have to help him.”

 What!” said Tiger-heart.

“We have to figure out what’s going on.”

“What’s going on is he’s Wing Kong scum who needs to die.”

“Chang  is after him. We have to find out what he wants…”

“Oh now you care about Chang ?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

 It means that you never…”

The End

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