Chapter 2.2: Wang Chi, 17 Years Later

In one swift motion, Wang sliced the heads of the two demons closest to him. The young lady released a high-pitched scream before the heads hit the ground. The remaining demons pounced on Wang with abandon. The demons’ assault was met quickly and precisely with Wang’s blades.

Wang continued, “It turns out my ancestors were Dragon Servants. You’ve heard of the myth Dragon Servants, right?”

One demon saw that Wang had left his right hand opened to attack. He quickly moved to slice his arm with his razor-sharp claws. But just as he came within a breath of striking, Wang’s left hand entangled his own arm.

“I guess not. Let me fill you in.”

Before he was effortlessly spun around and thrown, the demon caught a glimpse of a smirk on Wang’s face. The demon realized Wang had cunningly baited him.

“Dragon Servants were fierce legendary swordsmen who began as slaves to a Black Dragon”

Wang had thrown the demon at the legs of one of his demon brothers. Wang’s sword through the shoulder of the thrown demon guided his trajectory precisely.

“But they had later tricked the Dragon into endowing them and future generations with potent Dragon Chi.”

As the second demon began to trip, he extended his arm to break his fall.

“Everyone treated us as heroes once but now we’re just hunted.”

But just before the demon’s hand touched the ground, Wang’s blade sliced through his arm. The demon collapsed painfully onto his stump. 

“My family trained me in the old ways for my own protection.”

Wang continued his attack. He moved among the demons like water. He was calm but unstoppable.

“They told me to keep my powers a secret.”

Wang pulled his sword out of the last demon who fell over with a dull thud.

“But I have other plans.”

Wang  checked behind him to make sure there were no more demons. Satisfied, he placed his swords back in their scabbards then began to approach the young girl who because of her screaming had trouble breathing.

“Don’t worry miss, they’re all dead,” Wang tried to explain, “My name is Wang Chi. You’re safe now. I’m one of the good guys. Just breathe slowly…deep breaths.”

The young girl nodded and did as Wang asked. She began to calm.

“Are you OK, Miss?”

The young girl stood up and gawked at her knight in shining armor.

 “Wow! You were just…with the swords and…Wow!”

She fixed her hair and straightened out her clothes hoping to impress Wang.

“I must look terrible to you.”

Wang tried to avert his eyes as the young woman bent over to dust off her knee-high socks.

“No problem, ma’am. You’d better be on your way before more of those things show up.”

“Yeah. You’re right. Is there any way I can repay you. I mean, I have some money and…”

“No ma’am. Just get home safe. OK?”

The young girl looked upon Wang with dark beautiful eyes and smiled at him in a way that would make an old man feel young.

“You’re very sweet, Mr. Wang Chi was it?”

Wang nodded.

“I’ll never forget this. I owe you and your swords my life.”

.She approached Wang like she was about to give him a well-deserved peck on the cheek.

“You know what they say about a Dragon Servant’s swords, ma’am?” asked Wang.

Wang drew his swords in a smooth arc, thrusting one into the young woman’s stomach as she approached.

“They say his swords are sharp enough to even cut through lies.”

With her eyes glowing red like fire and fangs as sharp as daggers, the young woman hissed at Wang.

“Go home vampire,” ordered Wang. He drew his sword out of her with a snap. The vampire doubled-over in pain, hissing once more at Wang.

“You will not feast on my blood tonight.”

“So it is true,” mocked the vampire, “There is a Dragon Servant in Chinatown. Your blood is a rare delicacy among my people.”

Wang held his stance

“And a treasure to many others,” she added.

“I think I’ll keep mine for now,” Wang rose his swords slightly higher, “Maybe you should try eBay.”

The vampire stared at Wang intensely then smiled. She turned around and ran back into the alley disappearing in the darkness as the echo of her footsteps faded.

Wang yelled to her, “Yeah, and the whole slutty Catholic school-girl thing…SUBTLE!”

 “You will not feast on my blood tonight?” asked a voice coming from behind Wang.

Wang turned to find another young woman. But this one was wearing sneakers, jeans, and an “Old Navy” T-shirt. She gently swung a garment bag that hung on her left index finger. A black bowtie against a crisp white shirt was visible beyond the partially opened zipper.

“Too far, huh?” Wang asked as he approached the girl and put the swords back into their scabbards.

“I told you – the swords are cool, your witty banter, however – not so much.”

“I’ll try to remember.”

The young lady threw the garment bag at Wang.

“C’mon Dad,” the girl smiled, “We’re going to be late to the party.”

The End

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