Chapter 1.2: A Tale of Little China

“Ah yes, the two Chinatown clans, The vicious Wing Kong worked for Lo Pan and the noble Chang Sing helped you defeat them in order to get to Lo Pan.”

“The Wing Kong and Chang Sing have been fighting for centuries!”

“Of course, centuries,” signed Camden.

Camden threw up his hands in surrender and grumbled, “Mr. Shen, if I’m going to be your attorney, you really need to tell me the truth.”

Egg looked at a loss and appeared to be thinking very hard as one does when they are out of ideas. After a moment, he stood up slightly, patting his pockets.

“Perhaps, I have proof of our battle with the formidable Lo Pan.”

Frustrated, Camden rubbed his forehead with his hands. He wondered what his loony client would throw at him next.

Egg Shen began to rifle through his pockets feverishly, emptying their contents onto Mr. Camden’s desk. Next to the brass desk lamp, Egg Shen piled his bus keys, used tissue, some loose change, a diamond about the size of a quarter, crumpled receipts, and a couple of sticks of chewing gum. Egg Shen double-checked his pockets to make sure they were empty. Mr. Camden leaned forward slightly to look more closely at the large diamond on his desk.

"Is that real?” he asked.

“What?” replied Shen still checking his pockets.

Camden picked up the diamond for a closer look.

“Oh that. Yes, very real. It’s been in my family for generations. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

Camden looked even closer at the diamond. It seemed to glow with its own light.

"It has absolutely no flaws,” claimed Egg, “look closely at it, very closely…”

The diamond glowed brighter and brighter. It soon bathed the whole office in light. But Mr. Camden could not turn away from it.

With a flash, Camden and Shen found themselves in a foggy Chinatown alleyway. Mr. Camden looked around trying to figure out how he got there. Egg Shen paced slowly in front of Camden but continued to talk. 

"I told you the truth, the whole truth, Mr. Camden. But it’s not the past you should be interested in.”

A dozen or so young Chinese men and women dressed in black outfits with red sashes and turbans ran from behind a corner towards Egg Shen. Mr. Camden knew Egg Shen could hear them coming but Egg didn’t move from his position.

Egg Shen continued, “What you SHOULD be concerned about is what happens next.”

Camden could see the young men were scared for their lives. They ran closer and closer to Egg Shen. It almost seemed like they didn’t see him. Just when you thought the group would run down Egg Shen, with a woosh, they ran right through him instead. A few steps later they ran through Mr. Camden then stopped to catch their breath. The experience was a little jarring to the lawyer. He realized that he must be a kind of spirit looking in on current events like in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. But somehow he knew that this was not going to have a happy ending.

Camden took a closer look at the young men and women that just ran past him. They were still breathing very heavy. Mr. Camden realized they were close to exhaustion. He wondered why they were running and soon had his answer. From every corner of the alleyway dozens of other young men and women wearing black outfits but this time with gold sashes and turbans ran in with a battle cry. They paused, knowing they had the others surrounded.

“The Chang Sing are now hunting down all the Wing Kong,” claimed Shen, “They are doing this partially in revenge for their assassinated leader, Lem Lee. And partially because without Lem Lee’s wisdom…the Chang Sing aren’t quite what they used to be. With Lo Pan and the other Wing Kong leaders dead, I fear the remaining Wing Kong will not live many more days.”

One Chang Sing then let out a battle cry then a second followed by a third. Then they all joined in and pounced on the helpless Wing Kong. Camden shuddered at the shear wave of hatred and vengeance that swept past him.

With another flash, the two found themselves standing in a sparsely decorated bedroom. A young lady stood at a dresser mirror staring at herself. Egg Shen approached the young lady from the side. Camden could see that Shen made no reflection in the mirror.

 “As for young Miao Yin”, shrugged Shen, “She is beginning to realize that the great ordeal she has experienced has not left her totally unharmed.”

Miao Yin stared at herself in the mirror as she intentionally blinked her eyes once then twice. On the third blink, Maio Yin opened her eyes, but instead of finding her beautiful green eyes, she found only menacing blank pupils. Shen turned back to Camden.

“Very few have survived the Ritual of the Burning Blade. And none were allowed to live long after that! There’s no telling what happens to a young lady who is exposed to that kind of dark powerful magic."

A voice from behind the bedroom door accompanied a knock, “Miao Yin?”

Maio Yin shook her head and her eyes were back to normal.

“One minute,” she said

The End

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