Chapter 1.1: A Tale of Little China

This story is both fan fiction and world building. It takes characters and setting from the movie "Big Trouble in Little China" and tries to expand on them. I've incorporated many aspects of Chinese mythology, cinema, and literature while keeping the kung-fu, sorcerers, and demons that made the movie so fun in the first place. Enjoy!

Author’s note: This page has been updated. Instead of providing a recap of the cinematic masterpiece known as “Big Trouble in Little China”, the recap is now incorporated within this story. I still recommend watching the movie beforehand but if you just want to jump into this story, you can. Feel free to look at the movie trailer I posted on the right, too.


Let us begin with the ending.

“The battle raged on but Lo Pan, the ultimate evil on earth, had escaped,” claimed the enigmatic elderly man.

The lawyer who sat across from him sighed loudly and just rolled his eyes.

The elderly man continued, “But the gods blessed us with a true champion, named Jack Burton, whom the gods in their wisdom had cleverly disguised as an ordinary loud-mouthed beer-swilling truck driver. Armed with only a knife, Jack bravely faced Lo Pan. But the conniving Lo Pan wrestled the knife away from Jack, intending to insult my friend by killing him with his own weapon. Lo Pan hurled the knife straight at Jack. But in a display of inhuman skill, Jack caught the knife and threw it back, hitting Lo Pan dead-center on the forehead.”

“And then Mr. Burton said, ‘It’s all in the reflexes,’” interrupted the lawyer.

“Exactly!” exclaimed the old man, “How did you know?”

“Call it a lucky guess,” responded the lawyer.

The lawyer’s name was Mr. George Camden and he just spent the last hour and a half listening to the eccentric Mr. Egg Shen tell his incredulous tale. Camden looked at his watch and grew impatient. He had tee time in forty five minutes and needed to get the real truth out of Egg Shen.

“But you still don’t believe. Do you Mr. Camden?” queried Shen.

“Please, Mr. Shen, excuse me for being a little skeptical but Chinese black magic. C’mon…”

“You aren’t convinced even after I showed you proof of Chinese black magic?”

For the second time, Shen conjured bolts of brilliant green lighting between his palms.

“I don’t call that proof, Mr. Shen,” scoffed Camden, “I call it a nice parlor trick. I just caught a show last night where a magician stuck a needle through his hand. Very entertaining. But not worth the eight bucks I paid for admission”

The lawyer looked over at his stenographer, who joined him by throwing out a little smirk.

“But let me make sure I have this straight Mr. Shen,” smirked Camden, “You’re telling me that Jack Burton and his friend, Wang Chi, were trying to find Mr. Chi’s kidnapped fiance, Miao Yin.”

Egg Shen nodded and grunted in agreement.

“Miao Yin had been kidnapped by three men, these so-called Three Storms, who apparently are some kind of super-powered warriors because fly around Chinatown and kill dozens of men without barely lifting a finger.”

“Sure,” acknowledged Egg Shen as he took a sip of coffee.

“These Storms brought Miao Yin to their master, this Lo Pan, an evil immortal sorcerer. And in order to rule the universe, he needed to marry a green-eyed girl. In fact, he found two green-eyed girls, Miao Yin and Gracie Law, a Chinatown lawyer.”

Egg Shen nodded and chuckled, “A very charming young lady.”

“But to make sure his Demon God approved, Lo Pan performed what you called ‘The Ritual of the Burning Blade' on these women”

“Very dark magic,” grumbled Shen.

“I see,” mocked the Camden, “You, Mr. Burton, and Mr. Shen broke into the Wing Kong Exchange, which you say is Lo Pan’s hide out. You stopped the wedding, then killed the Three Storms and Lo Pan.”

“But first we drank ‘The Elixer’!” stressed Shen.

“Ah yes, ‘The Elixer’ which is I guess some kind of magic potion. Did I forget about anything else?” asked Camden

“You forgot about the Chang Sing and the Wing Kong!” announced Shen.

The End

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