Big is beautiful?

A story of Keely and how she copes at being fat throughout secondary school.

I'm walking around the beach with a skimpy bikini on and lots of really hot guys. Some of them are wolf whistling others are saying that i am really hot. But I just keep on walking, with my hair blowing in the breeze.The hottest guy comes up to me and asks me how I'm doing. Instead of freaking out I actually started talking to him! But then suddenly everything started to go cloudy and foggy and I couldn't see him, and all I could hear was a loud beeping noise...

*Beep Beep Beep Beep*

My alarm was going off great. I try to sit up but fail miserably. So instead I opt out for rolling my legs off the bed and onto the floor instead. Unfortunately my dream was only a dream. I am a fat 15 year old blob who weighs 15st 6lbs. And so unlike my dream I am not popular and certainly am not able to talk to guys in any way. You see when people look at me they think fat. When I eat lunch, they look at me and say fat. When I do P.E they choose me last in teams because I am FAT. Why is life so cruel to me? But instead of pondering more about how fat I am I get ready for school. Though this is yet another constant reminder that I am fat. I put my crisp white shirt which mum brought only last week, and it's already straining against my chest. I put on my black school trousers which when we got them they looked really elegant and cool, but now they just looked drab and horrible.

At breakfast I don't feel hungry, but i soon regret it when I get to school as I have a chocolate bar instead in the form room. At the back of the room I can hear some girls gigling and I instantly feel sick and paranoid. Are they laughing at me? They are all saying I'm fat and that I will never get a boyfriend. Luckily in the middle of my mini break-down my friend Lucy comes in and sees me slumped in the corner with some chocolate.

"Hello Keely, come here I have somthing that will cheer you up!"

The End

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