Big Book of Dar dark things....Mature

In this book, you will find the scary stories of a kind that is not fake.... In this book the dead will wake...


Have you heared the roumors of Darkwood Mannor? Yeah, thought so! Not many people who don't live in The Village do. There are many stories on Darwood Mannor. Some very fake, some not so fake....

But this roumor is very true. .....

Because I witnessed it.


I walked up the drive of Darkwood Mannor. it takes 10 minites.

I push open the big, old, rusty gate. I made a horrible squeaky noice as I did so.

I noticed that in the muddy driveway, there were no other footprints, even I wasn't leaving any, but there were some very distinctive bare footprints, of a child. They were perfectly spaced , about 25cm space between each one.

I heared a humming noice from up the drive.

"La,la laaa la,la. La,la laa la, la."Over and over again. I followed the noise.

I felt quite shocked, because there was  a young girl in a crisp white nightgown on a porch swing. I was puzzled. Mrs Brown didn't even HAVE a porch swing, or a porch to put it on!

"Hello?"I asked. The black-haired child looked up, she had the most intence blue eyes I had ever seen! As soon as she met my gaze, she vanished, without a trace! Except there WAS  a trace....

On the window, very clearly, was the words; Help Me.

And on the dirty ground where the porch-swing was, was blood. Exactly three drops.

"Crap!!!" I squealed.

Of course, that freaked me out, so I sprinted down the driveway. It took me 5minites instead of ten. I told my friends what had happened, they believed me. And I know it was real, because the footprints are still there, and I can here her sweet song.....

"La, la laaa la,la. La,la laaa la,la." Over and over.

The End

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