Big Blue Bumblebeewood

Yeah. Those stupid hu-mans chopped me open.   I got in jail because of dem. I nearly died because of dem! Stu-pid. Stu-pid hu-mans. Dey fink dat just becoz I'm a wicked wolf I dont 'ave feelin's. I am gonna tell chu da real story of 'Little Red Riding hood'. Or should I say Big Blue Bumblebeewood.

One afternoon when da stupid hu-mans were watching a rude TV programme, Bigger Beryl Blue Bumblebeewood said:

 "Oi Blue, go and get us another pint, would ya."

“Na, you get it, that curry fulled me up, innit.” Said Big Blue Bumblebee.

“I know what ya mean. Stella… Artois…Grolsch.” Three little children stuffled out of der small little woom. “Get us some more beer” And crackled a small evil laugh.

“Yes Master Mummy, Miss.” Said Stella, Artois and Grolsh, Beryl Blue’s head nodding on every single word they said. Yeah, Big Blue Bumblebeewood had free ov-ver children. Locked away in dat small woom. Tut-tut-tut.


That night Blue went out clubbing wiv er m8s and dat. Bleu Louise, Blanc's Violet, Bladder Green, the twins Brilliant Blue and Bright Blue and last but nowhere least da very sexy, (don’t tell anyone dis but I really fancy her, right, and I asked her out right and she said “Yeah ok.” I’m going on a d8 wiv er on Friday, right, and I’m well nervous) Blue Jewel! And everyone got well drunk. Includin Blue.

The End

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