Join Bgaa on his adventures! In this tale, he ventures to Meteo Spede!
Each chapter is a new adventure!!! Be prepared to face all evil, all sillyness, and all of life!

His name was Bgaa...It was a bit lonely on planet Zorpex. People frolicked through fields of water. There was one thing they were missing though...They had no Hope. Hope was lost on Meteor Spede. They had been working on building ships fast enough to keep up with Planet Spede, but the longer they took, the farther it got and the farther they needed to go.

Ship Bear Gang was built by extra-smart Bgaa one day. He knew it would be fast and strong enough to carry him to Meteor Spede...It was his destiny, he had read it once on a sandy slab of stone which formed the letters "Spede is Destiny"...when he found out about Meteor Spede, he knew that's what the stoney slab meant...he had to reach it and save the world and regain Hope!

The ship had taken him precisely 5 days and 23 hours and 21 minutes and a few seconds, he wasn't sure exactly how many, but it was a few, so it was more than a couple and less than 60 or it would count as another minute, and he knew it was less that 21 minutes within the 23rd hour of the fifth day.

He hadn't slept for a while, but he was wide awake. This was his destiny after all, and it would make for a better story if our lovely main character was awake and excited for his adventure to Meteor Spede.

However, he also hadn't eaten for about a week...and that was always unhealthy. So he ate a bag of chips, and then was ready for his big adventure.

He entered the ship, cautiosly, in case there were spiders lurking around. But there weren't. However there was one Draygon Fly...the worst type of fly there ever was. It was evil and intense and contained a certain bad vibe about it. It hated anyone who'se name started with a B...and don't think it doesn't know your name, because it does. The second it lands on you, it uses it's sucker straw the decipher the name of it's victim. And for some reason, the capital letter B enrages it and it will instantly attack with. There's no running away from a Draygon Fly Venom will devour your soul, and throw it back up.

Luckily, within the ship something glimmered from the corner of the upper loft. "Is that a Feeling?" asked Bgaa to himself...he ignored the Draygon Fly(one of the best techniques at confusing them, since most of the things they attack have a bigger attention span that getting distracted so easily to totally forget about it momentarily. He climbed the loft's ladder and realized as he got closer that it really was a Feeling. A Feeling of Desire and Serenity. It was one he had long been searching for, since a few minutes ago when he entered the same room as it.

He called it and it came to him without argument. It crawled slowly too him, but with a burning hunger. The Feeling will certainly comsume Bgaa...Will he be able to ever break out of it?

It took him over, and he allowed it to. It was his first caught Feeling...and it was a hard one to get rid of since it clasped on tightly with metal claws like staple.

Bgaa's throat began to burn as it was taken by desire. Be free, be free. Please be free. He chanted.

Eventually, the pain weakened. Either that, or he grew accustomed to the constant pain. Bgaa knew he had to hurry up and be motivated, or he'd never be the same.

The End

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