The White Goddess

The ship seemed to skim over the surface of sparkling water as if a cord tugged on it from beneath. Jules let the boat run its course, realizing that its direction was now out of his hands. The sunny day had an adventure in store for him, but currently, his freedom only extended as far as the shining deck.

He turned to look the way he'd come. It was haunting and peculiar. He could barely remember where his voyage had begun. There had been a busy city port beneath an overcast sky, a dark, sizzling rain, and--Jules frowned. His mind was blank as he gazed at a horizon bare of all memory, a deep blue, sliced across a distant sky of stormy black. He shivered and turned back to the sunny island that continued to grow closer.

Jules moved to the bowsprit, his imagination casting ahead into the bay where a single light winked at him from the shores.

All he knew was that he loved this moment of adventure. The ocean was where he belonged. Exploration was his passion. It was all that mattered.

But as the ship swiftly sailed into the bay, a stiff suspicion came to him as the shores spoke softly of abandonment. A small village was due ahead, and every building was scorched black and crumbling.

The boat gently nudged against a dock of torn cedar where charred sticks and metal lay strewn across the planks, hot beneath the sun as if still alit with the violence of the pillaging pirates who must surely have passed through.

Jules hopped down from the vessel, caught his bearings, and walked carefully along the off-balance dock toward the sturdy shores. As soon as he'd set foot, he felt a rush of air pass through him. He turned, startled, and watched as the ship slipped away in retreat. He frowned and returned his attention to the abandoned and scarred village.

The dirt road was littered with bricks and ashes, the houses looked across the bay with dead eyes, and glass sparkled across the ground with a shattered message of chaos. But the entire scene of disastor was given a sharper tone by the stunning contrast that sat upon the hill.

Jules gazed up the stone steps in awe. A tower sat perched on the hill, rising from the trees with the stony muscles of a supernatural beast, its sharp peak shining with a harsh yellow light that stared down upon him with the glare of a mighty eye.

Jules stood in silent fright as the tower beckoned to him. But his uneasiness soon dropped in shock as a figure appeared abruptly at the window. It was a white lady in a white dress with white flowers within her jet black hair.

Standing upon the deserted street by the water, Jules met eyes with this goddess, and watched as she smiled.

The End

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