Beyond the system.Mature

First real try at wirting anything. So comments are really welcome, but be gentle im still new to this :)

She runs so very fast, as fast as her legs could carry her. Yet the darkness was still there chasing the girl down the cold metal corridor. She screams in fear as she dives through the door at the end and with some great effort closes it just as the darkness hits the door with a dull thud.

She was breathing hard, her hands shaking when the voices started up again, I can hear them faintly but they just talk nonsense to me. They are whispering sweetness and promises of things to come, slowly She sink’s down with her back against the door and looks down at her left hand.

In it she is clutching a hull repair bolt gun, a stocky short piece of equipment as she slowly checks the load. One bolt left and it seems to finally do something to her as she is now rocking with the bolt gun to the side of her head.

She looks up; her eyes pierce right through me with a look of innocence and fear as she pulls the trigger.

“Well that’s when I wake up” I say, looking down at my hands. This is my second session, my parents freaking out about my dreaming as apparently it wakes up the whole block with screaming.

“Well I will have to think about it and review what you have told me, how about the same time tomorrow morning?” The “councillor”, an aged woman with thick set glasses and a rather frail look.

“Yeah...fine” I reply in a very quiet voice as I leave her small office, it was shift change and on the small station the next shift was getting ready to mine for the great sol confederation.

The End

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