Beyond storm clouds.

When Skye's boring everyday life gets turned upside-down, what is it that really gets to her?


‘Come on honey, it’s time to get up.’ My mum whispered. I ignored her, and rolled over. ‘Fine then, if you won’t get up.’ She stood up and left the room. ‘Kara!  Go wake your sister up!’ she yelled down the hall. My eyes shot open and I stood up unsteadily. I could hear my sister racing down the hallway towards my room. ‘Go away, or I’ll make sure you won’t be able to!’ I yelled at her. There was no reply. I grinned, and looked over at my class schedule for today. Maths, biology, history, double English and music. I may aswell get back into bed, I thought to myself.

            I changed my clothes and decided to raid the cupboard for breakfast. There was nothing good, so I took an apple and left. Mum was watching the weather in the lounge, and she said something to me I didn’t quite catch. I wasn’t bothered enough to find out what it was, so I just called ‘Bye mum! See you after school!’ in the general direction of the house. I turned to walk down the stairs and out the century-old gate. The sky was really pale this morning, and far in the distance, I could see storm clouds coming closer. Let’s hope I don’t have to walk home in that. I winced at the thought and hurried forward.

Hopefully Sora would be ready by the time I passed her house. I really don’t want to be late again. Last time, we had to suck up to Mr. Chapman to avoid a detention. I couldn’t afford another one. Sora didn’t need to, being a straight A student and all. Speaking of which, I could see her fixing her bag. It looked like it was bursting at the seams. ‘You don’t need all that! It’s only the first day!’ I could hear her laughing. ‘You know me way too well to say that.’ She called back to me.

I slowly drew closer, and could see her zip wouldn’t close. ‘A little help?’ she asked me. I laughed as I took some of her books. ‘Holy crap, how much is in that?’ I asked, ‘you’ll be able to carry me by the time you’re done with that!’ and smiled at the thought. She just laughed and kept on walking.

The End

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