I sit alone. Worlds, drifting by like leaves on a river. The shining of a dozen stars floats conveniently beyond my fingertips. My fingers stretch to reach their majesty, but are held back by something. To touch the stars would be to change the stars. And such things are not for the meddling of gods. In an instant the stars vanish, their existence done in the blink of my eye. Other stars shine unsteadily into life. All but one. A lone star flickers and struggles for breath. Like a newborn child it needs some encouragement. But, I am forbidden to interfere. My conscience holds me back; knowing that to aid this star on its journey would be to bring about cataclysmic changes in the fabric of creation.




To aid this pitiful existence would be to enslave myself to its ongoing life. This is not the way of gods, this is wrong.




My pity for this minute being overwhelms me. My finger brushes the light that struggles to ignite it, and brushes away the dark that would consume it.


FLASH!!!!  A brilliant white light surrounds me from all sides at once. Then it engulfs me entirely and all I know is gone.


A whooshing sound rushes by my ears and I am stood on the shore of a great lake. Its cobalt surface shimmers before me and I am alone. In the sky above me a giant burning sphere envelopes me with its warmth and I feel welcome. I look around and take in my surroundings. I do not understand. As I stride along the soft shore, the water of the lake begins to lap at my feet; its warmth makes me feel alive.


I continue to walk along the lakes edge looking continuously for some sign that this is not real. Soon I will awake from this imagining finding myself existing amongst the stars once again.


The lake begins to curve away from me and I walk away from it into the shade of a small copse. The emerald branched trees rustling in the gentle breeze give me shelter from the now glaring heat of the burning sphere. Suddenly from beneath a small bush, on the far side of the copse, a tiny creature hops into view. It lifts its head to gaze into my eyes before bounding away in the direction it had come. I stride after it, the soft grass cushioning my bare feet with every step. I step quietly around the bush and into a vast meadow. The small creature continues to hop away from me into the centre of the meadow. I continue after it, curious about what this creature’s purpose is. Suddenly the creature disappears from view, so I run to where I last glimpsed it. A hole sits in the ground, almost completely hidden from view by the ankle high grass. I reach into the hole but feel nothing. Then a sharp pain hits the end of my finger. I withdraw my arm from the hole and claret runs from my fingertip. I look at the hole where the small creature glares menacingly at me, before disappearing into the darkness. I stand up and back away from the hole then I turn and resume my journey.





The End

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