Beyond Limitations

a day as a troubled teenager

Chapter 1


I saw his eyes gleaming into mine, his arms secularly wrapped around me. It felt real, my heart shun and my mind stopped. I couldn’t imagine a better place. But it was all too good to be real. I heard someone knocking and his eyes for the last time flashed before my eyes as he vanished like an old memory.

An entire year has passed since I dreamt about him. No longer can I recall his face, but I guess that’s for the best.

 The sun shone in my eyes. My mom had opened the curtains, she had come to wake me up for school. Summer vacations had ended, and another school year had begun.  For the first time I wasn’t looking forward to school. During the summer vacations I had fought with my friend and parted from another.

I got butterflies as I got ready, it was the first day, but to me it felt like the last. Though I actually made an effort in getting ready.

“Malorie, hurry up” I heard my mom calling me from downstairs. In all this rush I had forgotten to notice the weather. All through the summer it felt like being in an oven, a heat wave had come over us. But I was astonished as I came downstairs and saw the clouds covering us like a giant umbrella. The cold wind blew through my hair, putting a smile on my face. Maybe today would be better than I imagined.

It was getting late and I skipped breakfast, my mom was furious and lectured me as she drove to me to school. I stood there in front of the main gate. My body was frozen. But then a familiar face made me move. Her smile was as radiant as the moon, even though she was a year above me, we have been good friends since three till today, her name was Rose and to me she always felt like one.

We both talked about how each of our vacations been as we walked through the door and up the stairs to our class room. I was so engaged in our conversation to even think of the upcoming disaster. 

I silently went in my class room and all eyes turned on me. Suddenly all feelings went away as I greeted everyone.

I could see all my friends. There was Betty Car, she has a fun yet aggressive personality. Always ready to say what is happening, never does think twice of the circumstances. She’s always tensed, never can get anything done without thinking of the far worst possibilities that might occur. Her face is like a mirror to her heart, it will always show how she’s feeling; her expressions will truly get anyone worried.

Then there is Hope Bank, a little rough around the edges but always there when you her most. She’s a bit over weight but as cute as a button. She always speaks and does without thinking, and then grieves on her mistakes. She’s very intelligent, caring, nice, moody, teacher’s pet and her smile sparkles like the stars.  Though if I look at the past, she’s the only one who I fought with for two years. But  it is true, people do change.

 Then comes  Hillary Fang, sometimes it does feel that she’s got fangs but at times she can be a true friend, when you get on her good side. Through the previous years she was one of my closest friend. But now it simply seems were just friends.  She’ll always be unique, find her way. She’s a bit hyper, protective of the one she loves and will always say what she feels. She’s gotten in trouble quite a lot, I guess that’s the reason were no longer such good friends. She’ll always talk about boys. Which I really dislike. But again she’s really pretty, slender and tall. Though she doesn’t get good grades, mostly because she doesn’t try to study. She has a very creative mind, like a lonely cloud in the summer morning.

Next is Haley falls, a very quiet girl, talks mostly of her family when she wants. Very respectful and religious. She’s the best friend of Hillary. She’s very intelligent and nice when she feels. She’s very pretty but one of her quality which I dislike is that she lies a lot. Though I guess someday she’ll change.

Then is Tessie tailor, she’s a very old friend, since grade three. She’s as cuddly as a bear, with pink cheeks. She’s really sensitive but she’ll make you see the bright side of your troubles so many times that you’ll actually forget that even she has troubles. She concentrates a lot on her studies and is quite intelligent. Even my brothers enjoy her company .She’s truly one in a million.

Then is Reema tank, she’s the one who always comes first. She’s the best friend of Hope. We don’t talk that much, but she seems like a very nice friend.

Not forgetting Aerial star, we used to be friends but then she moved to another country but now she’s back. She’s quite beautiful and her laughter is something is breath taking. She’s like the model of a perfect friend. She barely talks but always listens. Laughs at all my jokes, never can I even imagine of fighting with her. She will never talk about her feelings but will always be there for you, always try to understand your troubles, never gets upset. Just always there for you. She’s the only rose I’ve met that doesn’t have a single thorn.       

Last but not the least is Carly Tate, always jolly, always smiling, always hitting, always being a friend. She’ll do things that’ll surprise you to the limit but then bring you back to earth. She’s very talkative and protective of her friends. When she gets angry it’s always best to go and get protective gear. She’s trustworthy and fun to tease. She’s very intelligent and very pretty.    

 Among all of them, I couldn’t see Rachael anywhere, she was the one I fought with, the one who had lied and ignored me last year, the one who I had stuck to glue, forgiven every mistake, thought of us as best friends. But reality had deceived me and now the truth was crystal clear. I was madder than ever at her, even the thought of her name boiled my inner soul.

The End

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