Chapter Ninteen - Defence Against the Dark Brats

The bus came to a stop and Bridgette lurched forward. As she got up, she said, "Well, let's go." She took hold of Len's hand and tugged him to the exit of the bus. He followed her and shook her off when they got to the entrance of Raphael's house. "Here comes the orphaned brat." Melinda said in a cocky voice. Everyone stopped in their tracks. Melinda kept her gaze on Bridgette.

Alexis and Madison weren't there to support her. They were in another bus. What should I do, Bridgette thought. Melinda didn't look somewhere else and kept showering Bridgette with insults. "Will you shut up?" A familiar voice next to Bridgette, defended her. She turned around to face her 'hero'. "Kazuki?" She whispered. He turned his head towards her and smiled, his eyes were still icy however.

"She got you on her side now too?" Melinda said pouting. "I'm on my side, which is SHUT UP and let's get the party going." He told her. Everyone started walking towards the house and Melinda shot Bridgette a look and walked away. Kazuki stood in front of Bridgette, stretched out his hand and took hold of her shoulders.

"You need to defend yourself when you need to be defended." "I know that." Bridgette whispered, her voice hoarse. Kazuki's icy eyes changed to a pair of concerned ones. Bridgette's shoulders trembled, as tears flowed from her eyes. Her lip quivering, she said, "How am I supposed to do that if everybody's being so racist about me being an orphan?"

Kazuki tilted her chin up so she could look at him, but she still looked down. "Go to the ones that love and care about you…like me." Bridgette looked up this time and froze when Kazuki swept away her tears. When she turned around to go towards the house, she saw that some people that she knew had stayed behind. Alexis, Jane, Madison, Alexander, Toby, Len (surprisingly), and…Raphael. "I guess you know these people. They accept you for who you are and they care about you. Otherwise, they wouldn't have stayed behind. Would they?"

Everyone came towards Bridgette and started saying stuff like what Kazuki said.

Everyone but…

Bridgette stepped out of the crowd and faced the only person who hadn't come and seen her. Pointing to Kazuki she said, "He means" then poking the teenager on his chest "would you?" She confronted Raphael.

The End

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