Chapter Eighteen - Shakespeare and More

When Bridgette got back to her dorm, she told Alexis about the party. "I'm in." Alexis said then started getting dressed. Bridgette then ran to Madison's dorm. Madison freaked when she heard about the party. "Oh! That is awesome!" Madison also started looking through her outfits. "What about you?" She said looking at Bridgette. "I'm just going to we r a long beautiful dress." Bridgette said grinning. As she walked out, she heard Madison's voice ring through the air. "See you there!"


Bridgette ended up sitting next to Raphael. By the time she came into the bus, all the seats were occupied and the only seat free was the one next to him. When he saw Bridgette coming, he moved aside so he had no patch of skin touching her. By the time they had gotten there, Raphael might as well have sat on the floor. When they put on the brakes to the bus, he seemed relieved. Bridgette looked out the window and saw they were in a gas station.

Bridgette looked to the front to see Raphael jump out of the bus. Alexander came and sat down next to Bridgette. "This is not my day." Bridgette croaked. "You can go and sit there if you want. I will sit with Raphael." Bridgette jumped out of her seat and said, "Thank you! Thank you!" Bridgette said looking around. "That one?" She asked pointing to the only empty seat next to her arch nemesis. Alexander nodded, acting grim. "The only reason I moved." Then he laughed, "Just kidding! He's great. Just be careful with him." Bridgette nodded then went and sat down next to Len. He looked up from his book and stared at Bridgette. "What are you doing?" He said, brushing back his dark blue hair that flopped down to his eyes.

"If you don't mind, there is no where else to sit, so…" Len looked around then went back to his book. "What are you reading?" Len lifted the book so the title could be seen. "You've read it?" His cold blue eyes stared at her. "Yeah, in my old school; Romeo and Juliet." "I'm impressed." Len said then concentrated back on the book.

How interesting, Bridgette thought sarcastically. "So, are you and Raphael good friends?" Bridgette asked. "What's it to do with you?" He shot back. "Just asking. How is it like in 10th grade?" Len finally closed his book and looked at Bridgette. "Either we talk or I read?" Bridgette gulped and then said, "Your choice but I prefer talking." He closed his book and said, "What do you think of Juliet stabbing herself for Romeo after he drinks the poison?" Bridgette was surprised. I didn't expect him to talk about this to me but…

"You first." Bridgette said. "I think it's stupid." Bridgette was flabbergasted. "St-st-stupid?" "Well yeah, he died. Okay, live through the grief. Why die for him? Think before you act. She needed to remember that." "Is this some kind of test? Are you testing me?" A faint smirk appeared on his lips. "Maybe, maybe not. Answer the question." "Well, I think your answer sucks. If you haven't noticed, love comes only once in life. And that true love for Juliet was Romeo. She would've suffered her whole life if she stayed alive. But if she killed herself, she might as well meet him in heaven." Len looked at her with interest.

"Do you think Shakespeare is a loser?" Bridgette asked Len. "Not exactly. He is a beautiful writer, it's just…" Len whispered to Bridgette. "He's boring." He grinned. "So you do have a smile." Bridgette said. She tilted her head and came towards him. Is she trying to, then she tapped his head. "Good to know!" kiss me? He finished the thought but it was already answered. 

The End

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