Chapter Seventeen - Shots and Nurses

"Alexander, you better be careful about your hand. Did you go to the nurse?" she said. He nodded. "How are you going to eat that ton of food with a cut hand? I'll help. Where are you sitting?" He pointed to a table and she took the tray from him and laid her tray and his there. "You don't mind me sitting here, do you?" Bridgette said looking around at the tables which were full. "Not at all." "Do you remember my name?" she said with a grin on her face. "Bridge?" Alexander replied looking down at his feet. "You can call me that. Be right back." As soon as she left towards the cafeteria line, he started stuffing himself with food. She asked for a milkshake and then when she turned around she saw Raphael had joined the table where Alexander was sitting. She gulped and then came and sat down. The minute Bridgette came back, Alexander stopped eating and his cheeks looked like a puffed up balloon. "I didn't create a rule saying that when I'm around, people can't eat." Bridgette said. He gulped the food down slowly.

"Were you the one who told Alex to go to the nurse?" Raphael asked her. She nodded and then said, "How did he get cut that badly?" "He's an idiot. A dumb idiot." Raphael said. He reminds me of how Alexis calls me words like those, Bridgette thought. She looked down at her food then dumped the whole packet of French Fries into her mouth. "I can stuff myself when I want to too." She said looking at Alexander who just remained silent.

"What do we have next?" Raphael muttered to himself then got up and said, "Be right back." Alexander nodded than looked at Bridgette. "What book are you doing for class?” “What? Oh!” Bridgette had forgotten that Alexander was in 8th grade along with her. She then told him, “Oh, Redwall. With Jane, Raphael’s sister. You?” “Well I’m working with Christopher-Do you know him?” Bridgette shook her head no. “Which boo-“ “We’re doing Starwars.” Bridgette moped. “I’m not a complete fan of it but it’s a good book.” He nodded then said, “Raphael and I are planning to hold this party in his house. Do you want to come?” Bridgette grinned and then said, “First I need to know where his house is!” Alexander replied. “Since today is Friday and there is no school tomorrow, he is holding a party afterschool. He has arranged some buses to take the people to his house. It starts at 7:00 and then finishes at 12:00. You in?” Bridgette jumped excitedly, “Sure! Mind if I bring a few friends?” “Ask the big guy.” Alexander said looking at Raphael.

Raphael came and sat down next to Alexander then Alexander told him everything. “How many people you bringing with you?” Raphael said barely even looking at her. “3. Well, Jane is your sister so actually 2.” Raphael got up again and left. “Bridgette looked down on her empty tray which she put in the ‘empty tray’ place. She came back and sat down next to Alexander. “Are you allowed to play sports during lunch?” “Well, yeah. Practically anything.” “How long is lunch?” She asked. “An hour and a half.” “So we have till 1:10?”

“Yeah.” Alexander said. Bridgette got up and said, “I’m going to go to the Education Building and talk to Mr. Peter. I want to play some sports.” Alexander raised an eyebrow. “What type of sports?” “Basketball.” “No need. I have one.” Alexander tossed the ball at her than winced. He peeked at his hand. It shed more blood. “How’d you get that cut?” Bridgette asked. “I was playing around with the stapler and I scraped my hand on the sharp part.” Bridgette asked, “Did you tell the nurse?” Alexander shook his head. “There was this other student that was severely injured so I couldn’t tell her my whole story.”

“You have to come with me. NOW!” Bridgette said as she pulled him up. He jumped. She touched me again, he thought. He quickly took his hand away from her and followed her silently into the bus that took them to the Special Activities Building.


“Why are we going to the nurse's office?” “To get a shot of course.” Bridgette replied. Alexander nodded than started walking the opposite direction. “It’s for you!” Bridgette said. “What?!” “It’s going to become septic!” “I hate injections!” Bridgette smiled reassuringly at Alexander. He made a face at her. When they were inside the nurse’s office, the nurse took out an injection. “What the heck! The needle’s huge!” Alexander yelled pointing at the one foot needle as he saw it. Bridgette had to agree it was. “It’s going to be finished, Alexander. Just imagine… umm your in a prom with this beautiful girl who you like.” Alexander looked up to face her. Is she doing this on purpose, he thought. “And it’s done.” “What?” Alexander asked in confusion. “The injection’s done.” “Huh?” “I told you it wouldn’t hurt!” Bridgette said grinning. He grinned back at her.

The End

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