Chapter Sixteen - Popular Kazuki

This time Jane and Bridgette took the elevator up to their dorms. Jane's number was 311. "I'll meet you downstairs." Bridgette nodded and went to her dorm to drop her things off. When she walked out her dorm she noticed that the time was 11:40. She hurried towards the elevator she went through with Jane this time and as she squeezed through, she ran into Kazuki. "Hi again!" he said helping her up. "Hi. What are you doing here in the girls' area of the building?" Kazuki looked embarrassed and then said, "Little sister." Bridgette nodded grinning.

 "What do we have now?" she asked Kazuki. "I'm not in your grade which is eighth right?" Bridgette nodded. "I'm in 9th." "So you're a senior?" "Sort of." The elevator doors opened and they walked out. The cafeteria bus was outside. "We have lunch now." Kazuki said. "Oh." They got into the bus and saw that the seats were loaded. There was only 1 space left which could fit 2 people. Everyone looked around to face Bridgette and Kazuki and said, "Ooh. Kazuki and the orphan!" Bridgette looked around for Madison, Alexis and Jane. When she looked out, she noticed that they were getting in the other bus. She just sat next to the window and Kazuki was next to her.

The girls behind her started poking her and said, "Want to switch?" Bridgette said no. She could see why the girls asked that. Everyone in the bus was whispering and looking at them like they were an item. Especially the girls. Bridgette had to admit that Kazuki was good looking. He had REALLY dark green hair and light fair skin. He isn't fat and he doesn't have muscles bulging out of his arm either. He is what some people call in the middle. And since the space was pretty small, they were sitting squished together, their shoulders touching.

Kazuki suddenly got up when the bus stopped.. Bridgette noticed that they had finally reached the Cafeteria Building. She got up along with Kazuki and went inside the cafeteria and located Jane. She went running to her and said, "Where were you?! I was looking all over for you!" Just then, Bridgette noticed that Jane had been talking to her brother, Raphael. He had been laughing but when he noticed Bridgette, his smile faded away. "I better go." he told Jane then walked away.

Jane had a quizzical look on her face then turned around to talk to Bridgette. "Hey, where were you? By the time I had got on the bus, you were no where to be seen." "I had come on the bus behind you and guess who sat next to me." Bridgette said. "Who, a boy that all the girls were slobbering over?" Bridgette nodded then said, "Kazuki." Jane grinned and said, "Kazuki, that name rings my bell. He is quite known by the girls since he is one of the jocks." Bridgette nodded. She head towards the cafeteria line. The guy in front of her was holding a tray with a ton of health food. It was slipping from his grip and Bridgette quickly caught it. He turned around and saw her.

The End

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